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JET Print Technology Corp.


By Natasha Lin 2006/ 06/ 02

JET Print Technology Corp. (JET for short) was established in 1965 and located in Taipei is the leading manufacture in the stationery industry. With about half century experiences, JET is the best in B2B (bussiness-to-bussiness) emarketplace in both domestic and international professional field.

The company dealing with the wholesales and retailers of a wide range of products and services. JET provides products in different series of DIY deco stickers such as Eyes shadow arts, Nail arts, Sticker albums, Non-basic hair creative decorations and different series of tattoos. They also produce custom made products such as logo or special totems. The goal of JET is to provide the latest and excellent quality stickers, tattoos, and innovative products to all its customers. JET owns printing factory therefore the company accommodate volume of custom made product orders with best quality control and enable on time delivery.

Body Art

Since Body Art became leading young fashion, tattoo is always the popular issue from the east to the west. People use tattoo to demonstrate their individual characteristics. Moreover, Body Art may apply in many different ways such as temporary and permanently. People modify, change, decorate and adorn their bodies. However, temporary transformation allows an individual to create a different short term identity. Whereas more permanent forms of body art, such as tattooing and scarification mark a person forever (or are at least costly and difficult to remove).

JET provides wide range of tattoos stickers which include perfumed tattoos, full color tattoos, Glitter & glow in the dark tattoos. All these Tattoo stickers reach the standard of skin sensitive test (Non Toxic Certificate--EN71). Moreover, this tattoo sticker could apply on skin last for 3 to 7 days.

Nail Fashion is also one of the popular and hot topics of body arts. Again, Nail Fashion may use for many different ways. Nail art stickers are simple and fun to apply on your nails that everybody can do it. People decorate their nails arbitrarily with decals for different moods, situations or evens. Attractive and shiny Nail Art created your nails more interesting. It's eye catching and adds color to your daily lives. JET provides wide range of different materials for these nail art such as Glitter Nail Art stickers available in acrylic, gel or natural nails with Gemstones. Other special designs for special events for example Christmas and Halloween. The company also uses non-basic Nail Art stickers to meet the standard of sensitive skin test.

House Hold Deco Sticker/ Transfer

In the 1920s and 1930s the fashionable style was called Art Deco. People who design and made Art Deco objects got their ideas from lots of places. For example from nature, ancient civilizations and other countries. Nowadays people work as busy as bees having a comfortable and a nice home to relax their mind and nerve. The JET's Home Deco Non-basic stickers make an ideal home so simple and easy. Art Deco is ideal DIY solutions enable to change the look of your home without the expense of upheaval or re-tiling. These Home Deco Stickers looks like an integral part of the objects once applied it may instantly transforming anywhere.

JET offers a wide range of designs decorative deco stickers that appeal to home lovers. One of the ranges called "mix and match" coordinating decorative stickers are applicable anywhere. It may apply on mugs, bikes, book covers, bags, scooters, helmets, cell phones, tiles, glasses, ceramics, stationeries, and plastic surfaces. It provides the opportunity to create a fun themed room and can be used in many ways to create a unique decoration for lovely rooms and special characteristics personal stuffs.

New Designs

With more than 90% international buyers and the rapid changing market environment JET is constantly updating their new products and services. They provide with high-quality toner printing services and variety sticker materials to acquire larger global markets. JET offers new deigns, mix cultural totem to meet fashions. They also provide custom made orders for example world brand drink--PEPSI is one of the JET's quality buyers.


The mission of JET is to make the buyers no longer need to exhaust extra time to look for other places to add on more values on their products. It is from the idea of "One-Stop-Solution" which is not only selling products to customers but also provides full services to them. JET owns printing factory themselves therefore the company is able to make custom made orders and aslso enable on time delivery as well as offer them the excellent quality and best prices. Furthermore all stickers from JET pass the certificate of sensitive skin test, which are EN71, ASTM and FDA. All JET's stickers are having "CE" logo on its package. CE stands for Conformity Europeenne which means in French for "European Conformity." This kind of product is one of the controlled product categories which cannot legally be sold in the EU unless it has passed the tests to receive the CE marking.

JET Print Technology Corp.

CEO : Mr. Chi, Chin-Tang

Factory Location: -Ganyuan,Taipei, Taiwan
Established in: -1965
Capital: -USD 2,000,000
Annual Sales: -USD 15,000,000
No. of Employee: -60 ~ 79
Business types: -OEM Manufacturer
-ODM Manufacturer

Motto:There is always something new!

Main Products

JET's main products are list as follow: Black Tattoo, Glitter Tattoo, Perfume Tattoo, Body Art, Nail Art, Hair Air, Home Deco, DIY Deco, Candle Deco, Tile Deco, Eye Shadow, Laser Sticker, Window Sticker, Glow in the Dark, Non-Basic Sticker, Snow Glitters, 3D Rulers Motion, Sticker Album, water transfer. For more information about JET, please visit their website: or phone +886-2-26689365

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