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By Natasha Lin 2007/02/15

U-Need’s strong R&D team provides standard quality Time and Attendance Solutions enable small to medium sized businesses to reduce costs

U-Need Technology & Company is one of the largest Time Clock manufactures in Taiwan which provides a full range of time and attendance products for small to medium sized businesses. Its various products include time clocks, time stamps, time and attendance systems and time recorder accessories. In order to server its customer better; the company spent several years in markets research and products development. “Our strong R&D team provides standard quality Time and Attendance Solutions enable small to medium sized businesses to reduce costs” said U-Need's Manager Gary Chang. “We are now selling our products to international markets, especially North America, Europe and Asia.”

For many years U-Needk delivered its well-trained R&D team into an important role while the company has been operating successfully. This year U-Needk R&D team is once again developing attractive products and properties. “Our R&D team concentrates on developing Calculation Time Recorder (Barcode Card), Patrol Management System (Watchman Clock), New Electronic Checkwriter and Time Recorder Accessories” said Gary. It is now holding two well-know brands (Needtek and Timemaster) in the market to develop marketing strategies and customer loyalty.

Time Recorder/ Time Clock

U-Needk provides various time recorders/clocks for small to medium sized businesses. With its well-know brand Needtek Electronic Time Recorder UT-3000 series is ideal for a professional office time management. Besides, its secondary brand Timemaster Time Recorder TM-920 series is designed with compact size to achieve high-end technology.

As a time clock, the TM series prints time and attendance on cards with standard six automatic columns or manual shift, two color printing and highlights attendances. With a large LCD display indicates Date, Time and Day of Week makes easier for viewing and setting.

All U-Need time recorders features include built-in battery for operation during power failure, Dot-Matrix 9 pins printer for tardy punches or early departures, automatically calculates time between punches and totals time in hours and minutes, optional employees pay periods (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly), optional setting 24 different schedules and adjustable date (day, month or daylight-saving).

Additionally, U-Need Time Recorder is extremely reliable because it offers a perpetual calendar, automatic daylight savings and leap year adjustments, a standard three-year memory back up and quick installing ribbon cartridges.

Time Stamp/Numbering Machine

The advanced design Time Stamping Machine is especially for a professional office environment. It supports a variety of applications including time and attendance, time tracking, job costing and document control. The Needtek Time Stamping Machine TS-350 and TS-220 series features include user friendly illuminating LED and a large LCD display indicates Date, Time and Day of Week make easier to set document printing, 13 preset messages (including with SENT, IN, OUT, PAID, FAXED, VOID and more); 30 selectable printing orders, maximum of 3 separate lines in customizable printing orders; with a choice of multi languages (such as English, German, Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese), built-in buzzer and output signal function.

Time Recorder Accessories

Additionally, to satisfy customers’ one-stop shopping needs U-Needk provides a full range of relative time recorder accessories, which include 4 columns and 6 columns time cards, card racks, ribbon cassettes and station keys for watchman clock.


U-Needk held several qualifications in compliance with all applicable legislation and meeting specific product standards, such as, CE mark standard, EMC mark, UL mark and GS mark. These entire qualifications enable Needtek successfully export products to North America, Europe and other regions in the world.

After seven years striving in the markets research and new products developing, U-Needk is now having abilities to offer OEM and ODM applications for all its international customers. Please visit the company web-site: /office/needtek/ for more information.

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