Taiwan's Plastic and Rubber Processing Machinery is Becoming Well-Known in the World!


By Natasha Lin 2006/ 09/ 19

According to statistics from the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), Taiwan now is the world’s number five manufacturer of plastic and rubber processing machinery as well as the among the top four largest exporters. Although most of the manufacturers in this line are small to medium in size, with an average of less than 30 workers each, they have accumulated a great amount of experience in developing innovative products and in competing in the world arena.

Pulian International Enterprise Co., Ltd (PULIAN) found in 1994, is one of the largest manufacturers in this field. For more than a decade, the company has played a vital role in improving the quality and function of different kinds of equipment, such as granulators, shredders, loaders and conveyors, to meet new trends in international markets. It also provides a full range of accessories such as blades, magnet boxes, hoppers, screens and more.

While continuing to develop advanced production techniques, Pulian is now leading the Turn-Key Plan of the Plastic and Rubber Industry. Pulian is capable of producing customized machines with top quality at reasonable prices for both domestic and international market.

Pulian's top selling machines include:


One of Pulian’s hottest-selling items is its Granulator series A, which is infrastructural crushing equipment. It has a special design for its blades and is made of high speed steel (SKH-2) and mould tool steel (SKD-11) that cuts the material efficiently and is able to regrind immediately. In addition, it produces minimal powder and is vibration free with its cutting angle design. This particularly cutting design makes for easy cleaning, operation and maintenance. The blades and screens are replaceable easily. Pulian can make various sizes of granulators for customer applications.


The Shredder Machine AG Series is designed for automatically cutting enormously complex waste with its efficient shredding within a function of reverse rotation. Uses include processing car tire waste, domestic electronic waste, leather, furniture, paper and much more. Each machine has an overload reversal safety gear to ensure the workings are environmentally safe. The oil pressure and easy replaceable two-side blades design break tradition and enhance the machine maximum efficacy.


With its unique design, the Pulian Crusher Machines offer extremely powerful crushing capacity making it able to crush various plastic materials such as PP, PE, PVC, ABS, PC and so on. Plastic recycling is actually a very big business. The automatic equipment is also perfect for plastic waste recovery for injection molding processors. For example, it uses an innovative new technology to use the PET material from PET bottles in order to make a cloth.


Auto Loader AV series offers an effective method to decrease labor and material costs. The machine is able to supply material stably for a long period of time. The series adopts a high density filter and low air-lock, which reduces air pollution, as well as a sensitivity sensor and well-closed flap valve to avoid scattering residual material on the hopper filter. Along with its exclusive design, it is easy to clean the dusting inside the hopper filter using an air gun.


Auto Conveyor C series is a perfect co-worker with granulator, it carries reject products to the granulator. Pulian is able to make various sizes of conveyor machine exteriors and functions. It makes adjustable lengths from 0.5m to 30m, widths from 100mm to 1 000mm, different location degrees and a choice of speed controls. All parts of components are made in durable stainless steel on both the sides of aprons and the aluminum hydraulic framework for its advanced design.

Based on its experience, Pulian insisted on strict quality control, which is the only way to win the customers’ confidence. The company also emphasizes R&D and safety, each product’s system and service fits in with the safety quality standard of CE. To facilitate marketing, Pulian launches all its products online advertisement to global markets.


CEO : Mr. Chung Cheng Li

1994 -Auto Mix AM Series
1998 -Approved of TUV CE Mark
2003 -Approved of CSA Standards
2006 -Annexed the Dewaxing Commercial Foundry

Motto: Create Proctical Value with Mechanical Art !

Main Products

PULIAN 's main products are list as follow:granulator, crusher, shredder machine, mixers & crushers for plastic, grinders, crushers & screen machines, granulator, vacuum autoloader, auto loader , Pulian Enterprise. Please visit the PULIAN 's website for more information.