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By Natasha Lin & Valentina Pien 2008/05/13

telephone system, telephone software, telephone hardwareMany highly-valued products by Arista's clients such as IP PBX, IP Phone, IBS (Intelligent Business System) and other related hardware and software peripherals to create a more convenient working environment and reduce cost on calling fee, maintenance and operation will be introduced in 2008 Taipei Computex booth no. A410A, June 3-7.

Aristel's new developed IP PBX (VoIP), which is a phone system used in office benefits enterprises on saving significant amount of calling cost, is going to present in the Computex Taipei 2008 this June 3-7. The world's leading telecommunication manufacture from Taiwan at Booth No. A410A Hall 1, will offer a friendly and cost-effective business communication integration for small to medium size enterprises, SOHOs and hotels.

Established its own brand "Aristel" since 1993, Arista consisted one quarter of its employee R&D engerinees, the Taiwan OEM/ODM telephone system supplier has devoted to developing high quality and up-to-date technology in telephone control system including Arnex100, IP Phone, and IBS-800 Intelligent Business System. Aristel's AV & DV phone series has set new standards in feature, function and flexibility, and expand its distribution to over 40 countries worlwide. As a pionnoer in the industry, Aristel now is prondly introducing the most powerful business communication solution --- IP PBX.

Advantages of IP PBX

An PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, and a IP PBX or VoIP phone system is an advanced technology that allows large number of local lines and entensions to share a certain number with enternal phone lines. It tramsmittes voice over IP-based network instead of traditional proprietary phone system which always comes alone with the hazel of complicating wiring problem and expensive hardware cost of added modules.

The most outstanding advantage of IP PBX is the tremendous cost saved on calling bills. By using VoIP gateway, IP PBX can be converted to PSTN telephone (regular telephone network), and shares the same line with computer network to reduce cost on long-distance calls and international calls. It conveys better voice quality, smoother call handing and high availability; the friendly designed configuration interface also makes installation and management much easier.

IP PBX offers all essential telephony features required for business, such as forwarding, call hold, ring group, conferencing, phone book, and advanced features such as voicemail and auto-attendant. Compared to traditional PBX phone, IP PBX phone has no limitation of making calls and receiving calls via IP network. In event of office move or seat relocation, no patching is necessary, which is very flexible and convenient for small business and growing firms.

The above mentioned benefits are just part of the the commitment that Aristel promised to its clients. "As the slogan says - Second best is not good enough" said Allie Chang from Aristel Marketing Department, "we try our best to suit every client's need beyond their expectation." In addition to the main market in Europe and North America; Aristel expanded its business scale to Asia, Middle East, Australia & New Zealand, where has been exclusively contacted in those regions due to its high reputation and quality of product and service.

You have the need, we have the service

One example of Aristel's great customer service has successfully bought its name to Korean market. In addition to basic telephone system features, Arista's professional R&D team developed a customized system sold to a forwarding company in Korea which required certain functions specifically caters the needs in shipping industry. Aristel's quality products and great customer service has bought increasing profits of its authorized reseller in Korea in large scale.

"We can't say that we occupied a big portion in the telephone system in Korea, but at least we have made our first step, especially under the condition that huge brand like LG and Samsung" Chang continued. "We all know that Korean is really attached to their brands."

telephone system, telephone software, telephone hardware

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