Benison's Top Shrink Package Products and Services Prompt Itself to Expand Markets World Wide.

Benison & Co., Ltd.


Written By Juliann Lee 2008/12/10
Edited by Mei Mei Lin

With exceptional shrink package products, Taiwanese shrink package specialist Benison seeks world wide markets beyond Europe and America.

Benison, a professional shrink package company established in 1962 in Taiwan, is well known for its top shrink package materials and machines. The headquarters is located at Taipei and the factories are located at Tao Yuan and Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The company has been awarded ISO-9002 certification, and its machinery products L-sealers, label sleeving machine and heat tunnels have been CE certificated as well.

Benison follows the policy of manufacturing the best quality, satisfies the customers' demand for over 40 years. Benison believes that packaging humanizes consumer products. Packaging creates the image of products to be either traditional, conservative or to be innovatory in the varied markets. Benison sees packaging as the process of value adding to the product. Benison has won over 40 years of customer's trust for its profession and service driven policy. It is eager to provide most suitable package to its customer. Benison not only provides high quality materials and professional packaging techniques; it also helps customers transforming the products to be more valuable.

For its exceptional packaging products and services, Benison has won customer's trusts. The company is customized packaging oriented because it is the market trend in packaging industry. Benison provides full service, from pre-packaging negotiation to after-sale service. Benison is aggressively expanding the market world wide, including Middle East countries and Africa. Currently it has major markets in Europe and America. Reasons behind Benison's success are their willingness and ability to adapt market's changing demands. Workers attend national packaging research conference three times a year to hear from customer and market's changing demands.

Shrink Package Machines

LA-100 Super Hi-Speed Label/Tamper Evident Sleeving Machine

LA-100 Super Hi-Speed Label/Tamper Evident Sleeving Machine can save the break time to change the label roll. Both 5'' & 10'' paper core can be loaded on the plates with design of adjustable shaft. The brake device can make the film feeding smooth. The alarm can remind the worker before the firm running out to prevent the machine stop. LA-100 Super Hi-Speed Label/Tamper Evident Sleeving Machine is center to center designed. The patented cutter is designed to have high speed run and the molded cutter assembly can be easily changed within 5 minutes. It is fully automatic functioned, quick and easy to be operated on HMI system. The worker needs only to input the parameter for change of working size.

POLYOLEFIN(POF) Heat Shrinkable Film

POF Heat Shrinkable Film is a pride for Benison. The company is the first innovator uses heat shrinkable film packaging on the the food industry in Taiwan. POF Heat Shrinkable Film is suitable for packing any objects such as food, Electronic parts, multi-package of can stationery & hardware...etc. POF Heat Shrinkable Film has the characters of moisture/dust proof, anti-freeze/dash provide more favorable for any different package. The cost of packing materials and transporting charges could be saved also to match large auto production system.

Unlike other shrink package companies, which provides either shrink package material or machine; Benison provides customers a one-stop service. Benison is willing to take 100% responsibility from the beginning to the end, because the company is expert in both shrink package material and machines. From choosing most suitable packaging material, designs, packaging to final product, Benison is here to provide best shrink package material, technique and services.

Benison has fore-seen the demand of environmental friendly shrink package materials many years ago. However, the company believes that a complete system for recycling package wastes must be created by government; companies will follow the policy to make shrink packages more Eco-friendly.

HOT News:
Benison will participate Anuga 2009, the biggest food & Packaging show in the world, at 10-13th. Mar. in Germany.