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By Natasha Lin & Huien Chung 2007/08/02

VR18To offer well integrated products to streamline customer's production process, Brainchild is devoted to not only inventing various temperature controllers, but creating the first Paperless recorder. Recently, it progresses to Human Machine Interface manufacturing and go forward to seek more overseas markets.

Brainchild was established in 1977 as the largest manufacture of Temperature controller, as much as Limit controller, GSM controller and Power manager , it developed the first Paperless recorder four years ago to meet more customers' needs. As a further increase of Human Machine Interface (HMI) demands, Brianchild also strives for HMI production to the best.

Over ninety percent of products are exported, Brainchild has marketed more than seventy countries include Europe, America and Asia. Its services across various industrials such as chemical engineering, semiconductor component manufacture, food processing, electronic. Brainchild carries out fifty percent of the original design manufacturing (ODM) and own-brand production for the rest.

For high quality products assurance, all products are manufactured under ISO9001 control system and approved with CE, CSA, UL, cUL, Factory mutual (FM) certificates.

According to Human Machine Interface (HMI) was introduced in 2006, Brainchild's HMI with high compatibility and IP65 standard effectively improves facility management. User friendly and easy to control is what we concern in HMI design.??the Sales Director Henry Lin said. As a result, Brainchild has engaged in HMI configuration software invention for PLC support, its HMI directly connects to temperature controller via Modbus RTU.

In order to serve customers better, Brainchild also develops various types of I/O modules such as AI, AO, DI, DO, RTD. These modules can support versatile applications using the same utility software and work with SCADA, PLC and HMI.

HMI 5As Mr. Lin said, many users purchase software and hardware from different suppliers, which is costly and easy to cause conflict reconciliation problems. We provide customers a whole set of devices from I/O modules to HMI to avoid this trouble.??/p>

Different from other traditional paper recorders, Brainchild Paperless recorder saves a fortune in printing and paper, it also efficiently collect massive data with eighteen analog input channels to Central-controlled System through Ethernet and R485 network. ?�Our Paperless recorder is high recommended in term of its huge storage memory and high visualization 6.4-inch display. The screen resolution of 640x480 pixels is four times better than competitors.??Mr. Lin said. Brainchild Paperless Recorder also features plug-in design for IO card without case opened.

To provide high-accuracy Temperature controller, Brainchild has brought efforts to optimize its Fuzzy self-tuning of PID control, the system eliminates overshoot and reduces oscillation in response to the setting temperature change.

We do maintain high commitment to serve system for the benefit of customers. Whenever the customers confronting difficulties of using our products, we'll assist our customers to remove or solve the problems in time.??Mr. Lin said. Every customer is well-supported by an assigned engineer on line for technical consultation.

Through over twenty years development,Brainchild has attended many international trade shows such as ISA EXPO 2006 and HANNOVER MESSE 2007. It also makes a breakthrough in business to meet more local agents in domestic trade shows, with the strength of the highly compatible and flexible products, we are ready to meet more customers in North Europe this October and East Europe and Russia next year.??Mr. Lin said in confidence.

Paperless recorder

Having worked with the second and third biggest heater manufacturers in United Sates, Mr. Lin said customers rely on us because we bring a lot of efforts to improve effectiveness of production process. With all compatible configuration software, our products include basic I/O modules, measurement equipments such as Temperature controller, Limit controller and Power manager, and integrated Human Machine Interface. It definitely saves the budget and time.

Reference: Sales Director Henry Lin.

Slogan: Pursue perfection through continuous improvement

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Brainchild's main products are recommended as follow: I/O modules, Temperature controller, Paperless recorder, Limit controller, Human Machine Interface and Power manager. Please visit the Brainchild website for more information. | /ee/brainchild