CGMC Is To Showcase Total Medical Care in MEDICA 2008 & Arab Health 2009

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By Lauren Lo 2008/10/28
Edited by Arashi Shen & Mei Mei Lin

Electric Bed, Pediatric Electric Bed, Electric Stretcher, E-clinical Cart, Multi-functional Electric Bed, Neonatal Crib, Hydraulic Stretcher, Clinical Trolley, Clinical Cart, Intensive Care Electric BedCGMC is going to showcase Vanguard Electric Bed, Elegance Electric Bed, Electric Stretcher, Pediatric Electric Bed, and E-clinical Cart in MEDICA 2008 and Arab Health 2009. With Chairman Wang's belief in providing the excellent medical supply solution, CGMC incorporates distinctive designs, practical functions, and simple operations into every product to reach the goal of touching users' hearts.

Established by Mr.Young-Ching Wang, Formosa Group's Founder, CGMC sprouted under a complete system with expertise in medical and academic research. Holding fast to the belief that "whatever is taken from society must be utilized and given back to society." Chairman Wang spared no expense in establishing Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and CGMC to improve the medical care service respectively in 1976 and 1999. Working with the academic support from Chung Gung University, CGMC stands out from the rest with solid foundation.

"Discover our excellent products. Put your trust in the care we provide."

While medical technology is advancing, medical equipment is also evolving into a human-centered business. "Touching user's heart is the ultimate goal we would like to reach through considerate designs" said Mr. C. F. Ho, CGMC President. CGMC listens to the first-hand demands from both caregivers and patients, collects direct feedback for new medical equipments, and seeks for advice from professionals. As the slogan states, patients and caregivers can simply count on the innovated medical equipment from CGMC.

Electric Bed, Pediatric Electric Bed, Electric Stretcher, E-clinical Cart, Multi-functional Electric Bed, Neonatal Crib, Hydraulic Stretcher, Clinical Trolley, Clinical Cart, Intensive Care Electric Bed

Major Innovated Electric Bed in CGMC

Human technology plays a central role in every CGMC product. The latest electric bed innovation – Vanguard Electric Bed – is the best demonstration of technology, utility, and aesthetics. A distinctive feature of vanguard electric bed series is the built-in weight scale system with capacity up to 230 kg the system avoids any possible danger or unnecessary movements during weighing process. The legible patient and attendant control panel located on both sides of internal / external backrest siderails facilitate operation for patient and caregivers. Different sets of leveling position such as backrest, knee gatch, or auto-settee can be easily adjusted. Attendant LCD control panel provides nine kinds of functions including leveling control, display of angel and height clearly during movement, bed exit alarm, electrical CPR control, etc... The LCD control panel assists caregivers to monitor position and weight of patients at all times. The Vanguard series will be joining CGMC's major product line in the coming year.

Elegance electric bed series is another major item in CGMC product line. Embedded patient and attendant controls simplified position adjustment with individual controls for hi-low, trend / rev. trend, chair / flat position. Orthopedics traction sockets can support the traction frame construction when needed. Removable ABS platform made of integrated injection molding is washable, air-permeable, durable, and rust-free. All these features made Elegance Electric Bed ideal for moderate acuity patients as a total medical solution. Both Vanguard Electric Bed and Elegance Electric Bed have been certified by DNV ISO 9001 / 13485 and EN 60601-1 / 60601-1-2 / 60601-2-38.

Advanced Medical Equipment

CGMC is proud to present one of the leading items within the industry - Pediatric Electric Bed from Aegis series. The design of pediatric bed emphasizes safety and nursing convenience. Backrest, knee gatch, and high-low bed positions are all adjustable through four sets of iconic control panels. The fence-style siderails can reach to law's safety standard of 60 cm, with two elevation grips for adjusting height. I.V. pole can be placed on the head, middle, and the end of bed according to situation. The overall appearance of pediatric electric bed also creates a warm and home-like feeling.

Aside from electric bed series, electric stretcher and E-clinical cart will also be exhibited at the trade fairs coming up. CGMC electric stretcher provides a smooth hi-low comparing with traditional hydraulic stretcher. Foot pedals on both sides can electrically adjust high-low, trend / rev. trend, and seat position to facilitate medical care. Collapsible stainless steel siderails with pull-out knobs further ensure safety. As for E-clinical cart, it is the up-to-date design as a multi-functional modulation for caregivers. Additional accessories such as needle container, knee operated waste bin, hanging basket / wirebasket, and ABS drawer in various sizes are available to satisfy different medical requirements.

Glamorous and Touching CGMC

CGMC is presently looking for reliable partners that can practice our beliefs of pursuing premium in serving society. Optimizing medical care through excellent design of medical equipment is what CGMC would like to achieve. The vision of "create glamorous CGMC; become touching CGMC" motivates staffs to strive for perfection in terms of product innovation and customer service. In the future, CGMC will continue to develop more total medical supplies to fulfill various medical needs. Employing academic and medical expertise from the Chang Gung Group, combining with their passion in creating a great medical environment, CGMC presents the world with humanistic medical supplies and equipments with reliable quality.

Electric Bed, Pediatric Electric Bed, Electric Stretcher, E-clinical Cart, Multi-functional Electric Bed, Neonatal Crib, Hydraulic Stretcher, Clinical Trolley, Clinical Cart, Intensive Care Electric Bed

CGMC sincerely invites you to join two of the major medical trade fairs in the coming future: MEDICA 2008 and Arab Health 2009. Vanguard & Elegance electric bed series, pediatric electric bed, electric stretcher, and e-clinical cart
will be showcased to the global platform.


  • Place: Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Date: 19th~22th November, 2008
  • Booth No.: Hall 14E-45a

Arab Health 2008

  • Place: Dubia International Convention & Exhibition Center, UAE
  • Date: 26th~29th January, 2009

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