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Written/ Edited by Emma Wang 2011/06/30

For years, the manufacturer of screws, Chan Chin C, has been upgraded to a better position to compete with others; moreover, the business market has been aimed at not only Asia but also Europe, Middle East, Russia, Latin America and North America. Chan Chin C. is stepping forward to a way to fasten the world together, from “the kingdom of the fasteners”.

Tainan, TAIWAN, June29, 2011 –As a well-experienced manufacturer of screws industry, Chan Chin C. keeps upgrading the quality of their products. In order to make sure their international norms, C.C.C. has not only been a professional lab to do the examination but also owns a series of advanced testing facilities and a complete quality control system.

Quality Products Stand Out

Owing to the system, they can strengthen the resistance of corrosion on their screws product. With its ongoing commitment to product development and quality control, C.C.C. stands out from other competitors and has established steady as well as long-term OEM/ODM relationships with the clients worldwide since 1987. Equipped with the drilling through tester, hardness test machine and coating thickness testing machine, C.C.C. products are able to be honored and approved by ISO, DIN, ANSI, JIS, BS and AS 3566 qualification. "Our focus on high quality screws has helped us to avoid low level competitions,” noted by Mr. Chu, the President of C.C.C. " and the major of daily concern is searching for better quality to meet the needs."

Commitment to the Customers

Except the product quality side, every requirement from the clients has also been taken care of. C.C.C. takes care of very detail from production to delivery so that to satisfy every customer’s need. C.C.C. is always considerate to every single work for their clients. Furthermore, C.C.C. has established the most complete supply chain within the screw industry; from China Steel Corporation (CSC) to related subcontractors like workhouses of coating, electro plating, mechanical galvanization and heat treatment, C.C.C keeps very good organized and effective network in between. Here C.C.C. accepts small amounts with various types order. Packaging printing works such as special printing inner box, hang tag, small package, barcode and the likes, C.C.C. does all necessary services to the existing and new customers. "When choosing a subcontractor or material supplier, we shall make sure its stable production capacity to meet punctual delivery required. By doing so, customer rights are highly safeguarded with our commitments." Mr. Chu said.

Much Better Than Expectation

Owing to the continual research and the introducing in of particular screws, R&D team endeavors to improve technical skills like surface treatment, heat treatment, antirust ability and salt spray test in a better level and at the same time, keeps their main products like self drilling screws, roofing screws, masonry screws, furniture screws, deck screws and drywall screws in a high competitive status. In order to face the significant issue of the international steel cost up, C.C.C. has figured out a way to deal with the problems. By providing the customized products, they can also handle the anti-dumping duties and at the same time facing the fact of flowing wages. The president mentioned, "From a sample product to meet the international standards, C.C.C. can do much better than you expect.” The process of manufacturing in house includes heading, thread rolling, sharpening, automatic washer assembly and packaging. They have a full range of fine quality screws for the building and construction industries to meet the demands all over the world.

Fasten the World

The reputation of “Kingdom of Fasteners” makes Taiwan a path to fasten the world. Being one of the key manufacturers, they set their markets overseas from Europe, Middle East, Russia, Latin America and North America for over two decades. C.C.C. has taken part in the “2010 Feicon & Batimat” in Brazil to interact with suppliers and customers worldwide. Now, more than 140 countries have imported the screw products from Taiwan, and C.C.C. is one of the manufacturers that distribute their quality products to the world. In order to be excellent among screw manufacturers in Taiwan, C.C.C. keeps going on of the new techniques developing and maintains the outstanding quality with no stop.

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