Chea Hwae Is Now The Recognized Leader In The Universal Joint Design And Manufacturing!



By Natasha Lin 2007/07/18

Chea Hwae Enterprise Co., Ltd. specializes in making quality auto parts and universal joints used for motor vehicles and machine systems. The company produces more than 250 thousands universal joints every month.

Nearly 30 years' expertise of dedication to auto parts industry Chea Hwae Enterprise Co., Ltd. is now the recognized leader in the universal joint design and manufacturing. The company engages in developing the markets of Russia and Mexico. It has already established production bases and marketing channels in Japan, Europe and the US. Besides being trusted for its product’s reliability, Chea Hwae also promotes them under its well know brand TOYO in the universal joint industry.

As like most auto-parts manufacturers, original equipment manufacturing (OEM) orders bring large amount of money to Chea Hwae. On-going engineering and rigorously tested ensure those OEM productions meet or exceed current automotive vehicle requirements. On the other hand, Chea Hwaw is always on the lookout for newer opportunities. Over the years, it has created opportunities for success, growth and a brighter future. With such results enable the Chea Hwae demonstrate its R&D capability and cost relative to its competitors worldwide. According to the president of Chea Hwaw Mr Shy Chiao-Lin, the secret to success is the engineering and manufacturing expertises provide continuing innovation and refinement of universal joint design to meet the customers’ current and future needs.

TOYO Universal Joint has been a key component on motor vehicles and machine systems. This year, Chea Hwaw's design engineers are introducing its latest precise, reliable and durable universal joint kit models for Volvo and as well as for various vehicle brands. It also can be found on food processing machinery, agricultural machines and numerous other special-purpose machines applications.

In order to keep the position as a leading producer, Chea Hwaw looks beyond the surface to take a more holistic approach. The company enforces total quality control and set up a standard processing program according to ISO9001 norms. It also dispatches employees for an official training regularly, such as MIRDC (Metal Industries Research & Development Centre) and other organizations. Chea Hwaw is able to offer a comprehensive range of durable universal joints with completive prices and best quality to the customers’ needs and expectations. “Delivering high performance solutions to the field is our only mission” said Mr Shy Chiao-Lin.

The rapid strides made Chea Hwaw within a short span of time have earned a name for itself in the field. So far, the company owns three automatic production lines and enables to produce more than 250 thousands universal joints every month. It is available to keep process period less than 45 days. "Our skills are simultaneous with Japanese, American and European. However, we have the advantage of elasticity to handle small to huge orders and the ability to produce in a short period time." Mr Shy Chiao-Lin continued. "We insisted on 'made in Taiwan' as we believed quality control is far more important than labor-intensive."

Chea Hwae delivers high-performance solutions

for our customers' specific applications.

Our R&D engineers are specializing in precise,

reliable and durable universal joints.

Additionally, our standard high-quality alloy steel, assemblies with

heat treatment, advance skills and test by a precision instrument

can be manufactured variety of high quality Universal Joints.

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