CJI Announces the Launch of High-Productivity Printing Machinery

Chyan. Jye Industrial Co., Ltd. (CJI)


Edited by Ann Hu 2009/04/10

With its high quality and the most reasonable price of printing machinery equipment, Chyan. Jye Industrial Co., Ltd. (CJI) contributes to create the biggest benefit for the worldwide professional corrugated printing companies.

Established in 1964, Taiwan-based OEM- Chyan. Jye Industrial Co., Ltd. (CJI) – enhances consistently the high product quality and process stability with about 45 years of experiences in printing machinery. In accordance with the technical standards of Europe and America simultaneously, CJI supplies a variety of press machines and equipment in a fairly reasonable price, including carton printer machines, corrugator equipment, flexo equipment, corrugated printing machines, printing equipment and so on.

   g From the first flexo printing machine to the worldwide business

Inventing the first flexo printing machine in the world, the founder of Chyan. Jye Industrial Co., Ltd., Mr. Bing-Qian Chang, unremittingly dedicates his whole life to the printing industry with great enthusiasm. For decades of endeavors to reach his aspirations and dreams, Mr. Chang succeeds in leading CJI to explore the press machine business toward the global markets. Even now, owing to its premium quality of the product design and manufacturing, the first corrugated printing machine in the world, made by CJI of Taiwan, is still in use. Since the beginning of research and development, its well-experienced R&D group had devoted to produce stand-alone equipment, like single-mode slotting machines and bonding machines, and later, transferred into manufacturing the whole plant equipment to tie in the leading-edge paper feeding mechanism of SUN in U.S.A., and the self-developed vacuum transmitting equipment to uplift the producing efficiency and the technology quality. Moreover, specialized in advancing the technology and functions of press machines and excellent performance of printing production, CJI ambitiously spreads its business markets toward worldwide countries mainly in Asia, Middle East and South America in order to serve numerous global users in need, such as Singapore, Dubai, Arab, India, Turkey, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Lebanon, Argentina, Israel, etc. At present, CJI owns four agents abroad, separately in Asia, Europe, North America, and South America, and continues striving to levy agents as well.

g Passing SGS certification & competitive advantages of CJI products

“We insist to monitor each manufacturing process from packing to trial and to examine every tiny detail under the strictest control to win all customers’ admiration and trust.” said by the chairman of CJI, Mr. Bing-Qian Chang. As a top carton printer & corrugated machinery maker, all production series products of CJI corrugated printers pass the international inspection- SGS- recognized as a global benchmark in quality and integrity, which is one of the few corrugated manufacturers in Taiwan gaining the SGS certification for its whole series products. In addition to the glory of international certification, for the users in great need of corrugated equipment, CJI can afford to provide the whole plant equipment of corrugated printing machines, including Type PS/FG580 with max sheet feeding size 1820 x 3000 & min sheet feeding size 550 x 720, and Type PS/FG58A with max sheet feeding size 1820 x 3500 & min sheet feeding size 550 x 720. At the same time, for the clients with insufficient budget for equipment purchase or low usage of facilities, CJI offers the stand-alone or simple type corrugated machines. Also, CJI furnishes with various customized equipment planning and multi-functional services for users in different areas or countries to satisfy all customers’ requirements of facility usage. In behalf of customer orientation, CJI makes persistent efforts in streamlining the production capacity and enhancing the features of the products, for example, like remote monitoring, fully automaticity, excellent productivity, fully customized, high efficiency, and high stability.

Realizing the market directions and customers’ requirements, CJI keeps moving forward to do their best on performance and serving, supplying available manufacturing size from 880mm x 2100mm to 2270mm x 4500mm of Type Jumbo to satisfy the needs of all printing companies in the earth.

Over 40 years experiences in printing machinery, CJI, a leading Taiwan-based maker in ODM/ OEM, has developed the mature technology to produce all its series products, which updated features are listed as follows:

► Carton printer machine
Particularly suitable for the professional corrugated printing companies in need of the whole plant corrugated equipment

► Carton die cutting machine
Particularly suitable for professional corrugated box printing companies with insufficient budget for equipment purchase or low usage of facilities

► Corrugated board rotary die cutting
Particularly suitable for the professional corrugated printing companies in need of the stand-alone type machine

► Rotary die cutting machine
Particularly suitable for produce irregular-shaped corrugated boxes

► Corrugated printing machine
Provided with remote monitoring function

► Corrugated paper rotary die cutting equipment
Used in producing irregular-shaped corrugated boxes

► Corrugated printing equipment
Provided with excellent productivity of corrugated printing equipment for professional printing companies

Hot Products

\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nPassing the international SGS inspection, CJI’s satisfying products, such as \r\n carton ox Machine, Corrugated Folding Carton, Corrugated Printer, Folding Printing Presses, Printer Slotter Stacker, Carton Printer, Folding Printing Presses, Corrugated Printing Machine, and Corrugated Folding Printing Presses, are broadly supplied to worldwide countries. For further understanding, please refer to the website at \r\n \r\n\r\nCJI.\r\n\r\n\r\n


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Carton printer machine

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