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By EDAS Lin 2008/08/04

Cherng Min, an Taiwan-based expert in auto parts plastic plating, mold making and plastic injection products for automobiles, presents you hundreds of mirror covers beyond your expectation.

With forty-year experiences in chromium electroplating, mold making and design, ABS plastic injection, multi-layer nickel plating, and painting system, Cherng Min Enterprise Co., Ltd., which deeply dedicates itself to developing hundreds of products including car accessories, mirror covers, door handle covers, tailgate handle covers, ABS wheel covers etc., plays a big role, presenting its extremely high-quality products to impress worldwild customers.

Combined with the advanced electroplating techniques of CYH (Cherng Yi Hsing Plastic Plating Factory Co., Ltd., established in 1969), Cherng Min began its car accessory business with ODM services in 1979, and continues to be well-known for its products in fair low price and high value, and even, in high accuracy plastic painting system, all-in-one injection mold & full automatic machines.

To accelerate its production efficiency, Cherng Min takes much effort to enhance its factory management, and the new CYH's firm also pass ISO 9001 norm, ISO 17025 and TS 16949 standard system. According to this process, it can precisely support mass production, on-time delivery and quality management system, exactly accomplishing every customized order to fit each client's need.

Well-equipped with its Multi-layer Nickel Process facilities, Cherng Min, complied with quality-control standards, is capable of producing various dimensions of products including car accessories, signs, mirror covers, door handle covers and automotive larger formed components (maximum 320 cm in length). Additionally, Cherng Min emphasizes on developing its plating services, molding design, ABS+PC plastic plating and flame-retardant ABS plastic plating that leads itself to become a international top brand.

For elevating its production quality & function, Cherng Min also focuses on high-quality material procurement & high-accuracy manufacturing process. Take ABS wheel covers, No. CM-8823, for instance, Cherng Min provides cover sizes from 12'' to 16'' with dozens of appearances for customers to choose. Cherng Min's wheel covers are hardly rustproof or yellowed even after a long period of use, resulting from using high quality metals & electroplating technology to prolong the product cycle.

In Cherng Min, worldwide customers have categories of accessories to choose. The Door Handle Cover is one of Cherng Min's main products and featured in its brilliant shining look and good anti-corrosiveness, being exported not only toward U.S. but California, Australia, and Mid-East etc.

In addition, another hot product—Tailgate Handle Cover—stands for Cherng Min with its excellent quality and fair price to fulfill drivers' requirements. Stylish shape and shining look of the tailgate handle cover certainly enhance customers cars.

Automotive Aftermarket Business

Cherng Min also offers aftermarket services to target the car restoration markets, especially within U.S.. Customizing dimension of car accessories and ODM services are Cherng Min's two major business. It's able to design any customized size or shape of products beyond your expectation. Take Plastic Wheel Cover for example, Cherng Min can make it fit any sort of vehicle in an impressing look to satisfy any driver's demand.

In the future, Cherng Min confidently attempts to gain more opportunities, meeting more clients not only in North America but Europe. It'll pay more attention to serve for worldwild customers as far as possible.

In order to elevate production capacity and offer more services, Cherng Min Enterprise Co., Ltd. set up CYH(Cherng Yi Hsing Plastic Plating Factory Co., Ltd.) to segment markets by its advanced car accessories.

Cherng Min, combined with CYH's electroplating skills and facility,is descended to aim at further innovation in mirror covers and car accessories business.

This combination increases Chenrg Min's competitive capability and quantity, and certainly, sets up more overseas opportunities for Cherng Min's development.

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