Dah Shi Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. Shows Ceaseless Efforts in Global Market

Dah Shi Metal Industrial Co., Ltd.


By Huien Chung 2008/06/23

As always looking for the best interest of customers, Dah Shi continues to develop high quality stainless steel handrail and provide more efficient OEM/ODM solutions to customers.

Dah Shi is more than just a handrails supplier, but an outstanding designer. It strives for easy-install, safe, nice appearance and durable products manufacturing, its well received stainless steel handrails, pipes and hardwares surly cater to all customers' need. Dah Shi continues paying great attention to global market demand with integrated OEM & ODM services.

Established in 1973, Dah Shi's accumulated experiences in metal railings and components manufacturing has been well known worldwide. It started from steel parts production at the very beginning and has expanded its processing lines for aluminum alloy, iron casting, pig iron casting, and stainless steels parts production in order to satisfy different customers requirements.

Up to now, Dah Shi reaches 2,000,000 USD in annual sales and be capable to provide 3,000 types of components, which makes itself as a world-class OEM/ODM railings supplier. Dah Shi has received hundred patents for last 15 years, its main products include Railing Fittings, Handrail Supports, Stainless Steel Parts, Stainless Steel Balustrade, Stainless Steel Ball, Stainless Steel Fittings for Decoration, Stainless Steel Clips, Stainless Steel Elbow, Pipes, Tube, Handrail Fittings and Construction Hardware. Dah Shi also puts great efforts into product development, it continues exploring new substrates, material, components and structures to make assembling work easier and quicker.

To efficiently support high volume production, Dah Shi factory occupies 4,686 sq.m and well equipped with CNC machines, automatic lathe machines, advanced making handrail & bending pipe machines, ultrasonic auto clean machine, power electronstatic coating and grinding machines, and argon welding machines. Its production includes stainless steel fittings for round pipe, accessories of handrails and balustrade, and metal building materials. Accordingly, Dah Shi can finish various surface treatments and casting by customers' requests. In addition to its firm cooperation with upstream suppliers, Dah Shi ensures all materials, such as, steel, stainless steel and aluminum are 100% good quality.

According to its commitment of omnibearing service delivery, Dah Shi attaches great importance to every OEM/ODM customers. Like molding, mold testing, manufacturing, in-process quality inspection and final installation, Dah Shi regards itself as a technical consultant to help customers to reach the perfection of products. In particular, Dah Shi field technicians fully assist customers with rough openings and partition framing, they also conduct installation training and solve problem promptly during construction, which efficiently save time as well as spare complicated assembly work.

Dah Shi focuses on easy-install handrail design, its stainless steel railing definitely shows great value to fit in many places and interior spaces, the rail has no welding points, never rust or discolor under normal environmental exposure, its strong structure also leads to high impact strength and sustain-ability. In order to demonstrate diverse architectural aesthetics, all exquisite patterns or styles customers ask for can be finely done by Dah Shi professional design team.

Moreover, Dah Shi sufficiently provides stainless steel balls, stainless steel fittings, multi-joiners, stainless steel bases, and balustrade decorative accessories not only support but highlight the beauty of handrails, They can be made of various material and finished in different surface treatment depends on customers' preferences.

Outstanding & elegant design

Professional consultancy for installation work

On-time delivery

Competitive price