Dongfeng Launches Latest Electric Winch Series on Canton Fair

Ningbo Yinzhou Dongqiao Dongfeng Power Tool Factory


By Natasha Lin 2007/09/11

Electric WinchDongfeng Power Tool Factory will promote its latest electric winch series on the 102nd China Import & Export Fair first phase at Hall 28 Booth No  F27, which will held from October 15th to 20th in Canton China. Dongfeng is the only manufacturer specializing in the auto-parts industry to have been a leader for electric winch within just three years.

Dongfeng Power Tool Factory is rather young in the auto-parts industry which began as a small-scale factory just three years ago in 2004 for the manufacturer of ATV winch. Today, it is one of the best qualified manufacturers for 'China-Made' electric winch and Dongfeng cordially invites you to visit its booth at:

102nd China Import & Export Fair (Canton Fair)
Phase 1: October 15th – 20th, 2007
Hall No: 28
Booth No:  F27

With three years dedication to the winch industry Dongfeng is now the recognized leader in the design and manufacturing electric winch and hand winch for off-road cars. It enforces Total Quality Management (TQM) and has set up a standard processing program meeting the ISO9001 norms, FCC and CE Mark. Moreover, Dongfeng has mark up 20% of total exporting market share for 'China-Made' electric winch. The company has already established marketing channels in America, Canada, Australia, Britain, Germany and France; besides, Dongfeng authorized its general agent individually in Germany and the Czech Republic. Now, it engages in developing the markets of Eastern Europe and Middle East.

To face those entire disadvantageous macroeconomic environment such as increasing raw material prices, labor costs and unstable exchange rate as well as more and more competitors, Dongfeng has it unique solution. The General Manager Mr Zhou Shujie believed to enforce 'Customers-Focus Management' is the best way toward successes. So that, how to improve products and services competitiveness as well as lower costs are the front burner for Dongfeng .

Firstly, Dongfeng adopted the 'Toyota Production System' or called 'Just In Time Production System' to its manufacturing management. It is a system to lead the company one step toward its goals "Low Costs, High Quality, and Fast Turnover". In the meantime, Mr Zhou encouraged staff self-management. "I told them to try improving themselves with skills, knowledge and then create new ideas" Zhou continued. "Although Dongfeng is young in this field we are not small. We've got open mind to accept all new ideas or technology and we are always ready to make a change."

Secondly, Dongfeng promote its services and products through a wide range channels such as Internet, magazines and fairs to reach potential customers and increase brand images as well as expanding its markets. In the meanwhile it has already built up a completed sales network through regional and national in the Great China as well as abroad. With this network gives customers immediately needs such as strong skillful supported and free winch accessories provided.

Product Focus

This year on the Canton Fair we will display our newly Heavy Duty Electric Winch Series. With these new winch series Dongfeng strong R&D team adopted the following functions to ensure durable life and safe environment :

  • waterproof design for protecting the gearbox and motor
  • the newest relay with overload protection to prevent motor from being damaged when overloaded.
  • cold pressed technology for gearbox
  • special heatproof fluid for gearbox and skid
Undoubtedly, Dongfeng Heavy Duty Electric Winch Series would be the most attractive auto parts for off-road cars and all special vehicles.

Heavy Duty Electric Winch

1. We understand 'WEIGHT' of winch is a key major to effect user operations. So we planed to develop better winch which would be smaller and lighter and to be used material of aerospace.

2. We would continually develop electric winch with multifunction features to satisfy different industrial needs.

3. We are aim for quality. We expect one day when people mention about Dongfeng is not just made in China, it will be innovate in China, design in China and then to become a well know international brand.