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By Huien Chung 2008/06/09

In an effort to maximize the benefits and create ever success with customers, DSQ provides detailed information on OEM/ODM metal stamping services at Taitronics Taipei 2008.

With nearly 20 years experiences of manufacturing computer terminal, connector, stamping parts and various metal parts. DSQ connector strives for improving the working process to reach high effectiveness, in particular, it implements multi-cavity injection molding method, brings high-volume production and definitely reduces material cost for customers. According to the aim of creating win-win cooperations and providing the best services, DSQ is ready to attend Taitronics Taipei 2008 from Oct 7th to 10th to meet customers.

ince started business 1988, DSQ has been known worldwide as a pioneer of applying multi-cavity injection technology on manufacture, it also develops high speed and easy settled tooling, which quickly responds to market demand. After compounded components are invented successfully, DSQ shows great production capability and distinguish itself as reliable OEM/ODM stamping manufacturer. Up to present, DSQ has cooperated with diverse industries through the world, such as, LEAR Corporation and Trail Tech are automotive components and motorcycles accessories suppliers, Tait Electronic, a famous provider of voice and data radio communications solution for mobile organization, and Nextron Components Ltd.,

Excellent quality control and management

To reach high efficiency of production, DSQ has invested over hundred thousand dollars in factory. Occupied over 3000 square feet, the factory is well equipped with advanced electroplating facilities, totally support various plating works including gold, silver, tin, nickel. zinc, Pd-Nickel, anodizing, dip plating, hanging plating and basket plating. In addition, pressing machines with capacity of 25 tons to 110 tons, high speed injection molding machines and automatic terminal machines are furnished. Through automatic warehouse system, DSQ can make the guarantee for on-time goods delivery.

DSQ pays serious attitude to offer high quality products, it conducts strict quality inspections, most products pass coating thickness measurement, 2.5D measurement, tensile test, hardness test, continuity test and salt spray test, which ensure all products can functioning greatly under different environmental conditions.

Integrated OEM/ODM/Prototype services

As long as customers provide the idea, specification, function of products, DSQ promptly carry out from molding design, manufacturing, product testing, packing, to goods delivery. It is not just a supplier, but a consultant in technical support, which makes products match customers' need precisely.

DSQ makes commitment to offer competitive low price, zero defect in quality and one-stop total solution in OEM assembly projects, its products are applied in wide range of business field, such as, automobile, motorcycle, electronics, computer, communication, PCB assembly, IC socket, USB parts, plug, socket, power supply, battery contact, push button, machine shield case, terminal parts. All products receive UL, CSA, ISO/TS16949 and ISO 1400:2004 certifications as well as made by brass, phosphor bronze, steel, stainless steel and aluminum upon customers requirements.

DSQ also assists ODM customers for products improvement with new style and functions, after customers offer the original concept or idea, it provides total solution and advices in design, material selection, surface treatment, packing, performance testing, definitely strengthens product reliability and saves time and cost for customers on initial design. In addition, DSQ's prototype service greatly reduces customers' investment loss in product testing and modifying work.

“For example, we suggest to vary different materials on products, such as, using phosphor bronze instead of the usual brass or changing silver-plated to tinned plated wires, which cuts down the cost and upgrades the quality. As always looking out for the best interest of customers, we continue working on advanced technology development and maintain a long-term relationship with customers to ever prosperity.” General Manager Johnny Tseng said in confidence.

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