Eagle B&L Instrument Bows New Tellurion "Turning Globe" At Hong Kong Electronic Fair

Eagle B&L Instrument Co., Ltd.


By Huien Chung 2008/07/14

Eagle B&L Instrument Co., Ltd., makes an important progress in computer peripheral business. It also introduces new product “Turning Globe” and seeks more opportunities with customers at Hong Kong Electronic Fair in October.

Congratulate to Eagle B&L Instrument Co., Ltd. for its breakthrough on new market development, it expands its reach of business into computer peripheral products manufacturing. To meet this important millstone, Eagle B&L Instrument also prepare to launch a new designed tellurion “Turing Globe,” at Hong Kong Electronic Fair from 12th -15th October. Eagle B&L Instrument definitely brings a special attraction to visitors this year.

“ For Eagle B&L Instrument, there is no boundary and limit in technology.”Mr. Louis Wang, General Manager of Eagle B&L Instrument, said. According to unique magnetic structure of “Turning Globe”, this sphere revolves around without any wires support and connection, representing a state of the art technology and more elegant look. “As a new invention in market, this product is perfect for home or office decoration, we can also add lighting function and use the same magnetic technique to design the customized product. For example, replacing sphere with various logo marks to create unique promotion materials.” Mr. Wang added.

Started analog meters manufacturing in 2000, Eagle has been regarded as an expert for gardening soil accessory tester, battery testers, cellular radiation detectors, microwave leakage monitors and light meters production in Taiwan. It has cooperated with garden tool suppliers worldwide, its battery tester items are well received in Japan, U.S.A. and Europe, such as, a electronic retail chain store in the U.S.-RADIO SHACK and RAYOVAC ELECTRONIC are customers of Eagle. After launching computer peripheral products, Eagle successfully works with national large supermarket chains and enters Brazil market. Up to present, Eagle reaches annual sales of over 20 million dollars, it becomes more confident of providing first-rate services to customers.

Eagle has put great efforts into development of computer peripherals and accessories, especially, due to its R&D team's special technique and creative ideas. All its audio speaker, mouse, PC camera, keyboard and pocket radio gain CE certification and be exquisitely made into the shape of frog, lady bug, owl and penguin, the featured eyeballs of product will move up and down with music or keyboard clicking, completely conveying young and chic style. Eagle is able to do more lovely design to satisfy customers' requirements.

Another popular product of Eagle is battery tester. Eagle not only has mature technique skills, but also develops various standards of battery testers, in particular, its Battery Pocket Tester and Battery Tester Compact are used for primary sizes of batteries including D, C, AA, AAA, N, 006P-9v and button cells, they easily fit into palm of the hand, pockets and toolboxes. In addition to simple control interfaces of testers, end-user can just spend one minute to get the accurate result. Eagle also emphasizes theses products don't need battery and power supply resources.

Moreover, with the sliding arm device, Battery Tester Key Ring has even smaller size than other testers, it is a superb handy tool for people who travel around, such as, photographers, tourists and engineers, which makes Eagle more stand out and accessible to customers including SANYO ELECTRONIC CO., LTD.

Facing the huge competitive market, Eagle always being ready to take challenge. Its regular technique training courses enable employees and engineers to prove the high level of professional services to customers, In order to seek more opportunities with oversea customers, Eagle continues to attend large-scale electronic trade shows and Gardening tool exhibition worldwide.

Please check on http://www.allproducts.com.tw/consumer/eagle/ to contact Eagle for latest news.

Eagle B&L successfully assisted RADIO SHACK to invent the tester for hearing aid battery,

this special model of tester can also be used for watch battery,

this accomplishment absolutely proves Eagle B&L's outstanding technology capability

and cements a great relationship with customers.

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Turning Globe
Turning Globe
Moisture Meter Frog
Meter Frog
Moisture & Light - PH 3 in 1 Tester Lady Bug (Frog)
Moisture & Light
- PH 3 in 1 Tester
Lady Bug (Frog)
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Tester Pocket
Speaker Penguin (Frog , Duck, Pig)
Speaker Penguin
(Frog , Duck, Pig)