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By Natasha Lin 2007/10/09

pneumatic cylinderEternal Machinery Co., Ltd (EMC), China\\'s most happening Pneumatic Components & Hydraulic Components manufacturer, which quietly carved a niche for itself and won a commendable market share in the field with amazing speed. This year, EMC won authorized of manufacturing in pneumatic & hydraulic components by USCEA (US-China Exchange Association). It is the first company which won this honor in the field. EMC is not only changing the destiny of itself but also leading Chinese pneumatic & hydraulic components industry into new era.

EMC started its trek 22 years ago with a small scale factory in Ningbo China. Today, the company takes a leadership position in the manufacturing pneumatic components & hydraulic components such as solenoid valves, air filters, air cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, gas springs, fittings, moulds, coils, mufflers , and more. Informal calculations show EMC is probably the largest pneumatic & hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic components manufacturer and exporter in the Great China, which has sales agents in many countries. Besides, EMC is the most welcome pneumatic components brand for Occident.

This year, EMC is on the way to its important milestone. The company won authorized of manufacturing in pneumatic & hydraulic components by USCEA. It is the first company which won this honor in the field.

After two decades of steady growth, undoubtedly EMC is now one of the China's fastest growing and as known the largestpneumatic & hydraulic components manufacturer and exporter. The company has already established marketing channels into most nations such as the U.S.A., South America, Europe, East-South Asia and Mid-East. "In the recent past EMC has given export a major focus and is already seeing some of the results. This year, we expect our exports to grow further, especially to the U.S.A." said the General Manager Sunny Lou.

To serve its customers better, EMC has already adopted professional automatic production systems and testing machines such as CNC machine and data control lathe for many years. With about 30 specialists of quality control, all products are tested in the factory before dispatch. Currently the company is in the process of building up the best technological platform to produce the best-quality pneumatic & hydraulic components on par with its counterparts abroad.

EMC R&D team goes to great lengths to improve its competitiveness. It has not only reduced its production costs by carrying out most of its production processes in-house, but also has came up constantly with innovative new models, as well as improving technical skills with the aim to appeal to both current and new customers' needs.

For EMC, the management is also a major daily concern. "Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. The secret for EMC succeeded is to solve customers' problems immediately" Ms Lou continued. "In the meanwhile, we helped staff to improve their technical skills and we are willing to share our experiences to our world-wide sale agents."

On the other hand, the change function challenge for many manufacturers is to make the transition from being supplier-centric to becoming user-centric instead. Therefore, EMC not only provides existent pneumatic & hydraulic cylinders and components (see product focus as below). It also fabricates customer-made products to suit the specific requirements of the clients and has been successful in developing customized solutions for a number of companies. That's why EMC could be the first authorized of manufacturing in pneumatic & hydraulic components by USCEA.

pneumatic cylinder

The lists below are for standard pneumatic cylinder and solenoid valve specifications. OEM and ODM is more than welcome for your special needs. Please visit the company web-site for more products' information. http://www.emc-machinery.com | /manufacture97/emc-pneumatic

Pneumatic Cylinder Solenoid Valve (V5221E2-08)
-Standard Type: ISO-6431, VDMA-24562, DIN-24335 -Ways:5/2
-Normal Bore Size: D32~D200 -Size:1/4"
-Normal Stroke Size: 5mm~2000mm -Medium:Clean air
-Acting Type: Double acting (normal), single acting -Working Pressure:0.15~0.8 Mpa
-Piston Rod: Single rod (normal), double rod -Max Working Frequency: 5 times/ per second
-Piston Rod: Single rod (normal), double rod -Protection Type: IP65
-Fixing Type: Basic, FA, FB, CA, CB, LB, Y, I, Bearing Type, Floating Type -Other Sizes:1/8", 3/8", 1/2",5/3"
-Life Cycle: 3,000,000 times (bore size < 60mm), stoke 600km (bore size > 60mm) -

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