ET METAL Launches Premium Powder Metal Gears & Sintered Bush with Special Customer-oriented Designs.



By EDAS Lin 2008/12/02
Edited by Mei Mei Lin

Combined with chemical and materials science engineering, ET METAL (ETM) owns strong expertise in sintered metal parts, components, and accessories, stretching its arms over not only domestic areas but also the overseas markets and trying to knock more new partners' doors with utmost ambition.

Strong metallurgy technology, realized by experienced and skilled R&D technicians, is the major merit that makes ET METAL successful since 1987. Specialized in manufacturing sintered parts of 3 categories: Iron series, Copper series, and Stainless series, ET METAL (ETM) owns the particular material formula for making not only the aforesaid series but also their alloy. More than 20-year experiences in metallurgy, ET METAL provides a wide variety of products including sintered metal parts, sintered metal components, powder metal parts, powder metal components, powder metallurgy parts, metal gear, sintered bush and so on towards various mechanical industries, especially the industries for electric power tools, fasteners, office chairs and cotton pickers.

To strengthen its business competition and opportunities, customer-oriented orders & flexible marketing policy are the dual core strategies by ET METAL. It insists on high-quality materials purchasing with mass procurement, which is the key way to offer its clients with premium metal gear and sintered bush but in low-cost price, sustaining the trust from its customers tightly. In addition, ET METAL owns the skilled ability to improve customers' design, trying to modify its blueprint, production process, and the procedure by efficient business discussion during the product development cycle and partnership. For this reason, ET METAL easily wins customers' trust and can keep the long-term partnership as well.

From OEM to ODM, and from Taiwan-based market to global markets, ET METAL does pay a great deal of attention on its own in-house sintered techniques combined with chemical engineering. For upgrading its production efficiency, ET METAL imports various automatic machines, which are capable of grinding and combining different types of metal powder such as successful trust stainless steel (SS304, SS303 and SS316), steel, bronze, copper, or brass quickly into alloy formula so that high hardness and high mechanical strength are concurrently fulfilled. Attempting to satisfy discerning clients' requests, ET METAL provides various total solutions that are individually designed in needs of special clients’ orders. Besides, ET METAL emphasizes on high-quality control to produce all powder metal parts. It completely complies with the international quality control system, e.g., ISO 9001, and strict in-factory quality management in all aspects of IQC, OQC, IPQC.

High-Quality & Low-Cost Products in ET Metal (ETM)

For ET METAL, Metallurgy Powder Bush is one of the major metal components under mass production for its well-designed functions such as self-lubrication and ductility. In order to meet customers' needs, ET METAL offers 100 millions pieces/year for various kinds of Powder Metal Bush, of which the OD (Outside Diameter) can be designed in clients' demands, ranged from 4 mm to 10 cm. Within 2-3 weeks of mold design and fabrication by EDM (Electric Discharge Machining), ET METAL can alaways develop customer-oriented metal tools on time with superior quality. The sintered parts are fairly competitive in price for various industry application such as automotive, agricultural machinery, house hardware, ship-building and power tools etc. Not only in size or dimension but also in mechanical strength and materials, ET METAL is excellent as well in developing various categories of Gears and Pinions, in addition to Sintered Bush, satisfying every client's special spec.

Powder metal components and sintered parts are widely used for machinery and electrical power tools, and ET METAL's Sintered Gear for John Deere and Case IH is a well-known and successful example applied for cotton picker industry internationally mentioned above. Made of premium alloy of copper and steel, this Sintered Gear is well-designed and has been qualified through many examinations like bending test, compression test, torque test, radial crush strength test and etc. For instance, more than 2000 types of vehicle parts, motorcycle parts, bicycle parts, delivery machine components, ships or transportation parts are all suitable to apply this kind of Sintered Gear and its associated counter parts.

In addition to sintered gear and sintered bush, another popular product—Sintered Filter—is also highly-used and exported towards U.S. It can be made of high quality brass, copper, stainless steel and copper. The brass or stainless steel Filter is widely recommended by numerous overseas end users, especially the users in U.S., Europe, and Asia. According to its high-precision molds together with in-process control system, ET METAL can always outstand the advantage of the flexibility in material composition and retain the best productivity.

ET METAL's Prospect

To achieve the utmost satisfaction from world-wide customers, ET METAL, the industry-wide outstanding producer and expert in metal parts, will always catch the pace of modern technology and try its best to offer more customer-friendly marketing or delivery services. Stepping closer toward the global users and clients, ET METAL is planning to enhance its R&D staff's engineering capability more hardly for continuous innovation.

In the past, almost 90% products in ET METAL were exported to European countries. In the near future, ET METAL will be engaged to exhibit its ambition and incline to knock the doors in the markets anywhere else, seeking more business opportunities for long-term partnership by all means.

ET METAL is excelled itself on sintered metal parts and metallurgy technology for decades. It owns strong and historical background knowledge to solve discerning clients' demands. Therefore, ET METAL gradually stands firm in this metal components market, supplying millions of sintered metal components beyond your expectation.

Sintered Gears
(1) High Torque Sintered Gear (ETM009) / Sintered Pinions (ETM013)
(2) Transmission Gears (ETM014) / Sintered Metal Pulley (ETM033)
(3) Sintered Alloy Gear of Dual Layers (ETM034)

Sintered Bush
(1) Sintered Alloy Bush (ETM003) / Self-Lubricate Ball Bush (ETM004)
(2) Sintered Metal Roller (ETM044) / Various Sintered Bronze Bush (ETM007)
(3) Sintered Bronze Bush by Powder Metallurgy (ETM045)

Sintered Filters and Mufflers
(1) Sintered Brass Filters (ETM005) / Sintered Stainless Filters (ETM010)
(2) Sintered Bronze Muffler by Powder Metallurgy (ETM065)

Sintered Mechanical Components
(1) Agricultural Machines Parts (ETM001)
(2) Sintered Bearing by Ferro-Copper (ETM008)
(3) Gears and Pinions for Power Tools (ETM020)
(4) Sintered Gearbox Metal Parts (ETM031)

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