Foremount Tops Out New Building Ready for Next Generation Technology

Foremount Enterprise CO., Ltd.

By Natasha Lin 2007/04/17

Foremount Enterprise Co., Ltd., which began as a small-scale industry just a decade ago in 1992 for the manufacture of medical supplies, is today one of the most sought after brands across Taiwan and abroad, provides wide range of medical supplies as well as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) services.

More than fifteen years’ experience in developing manufacturing and exporting medical supplies, Foremount Enterprise Co., Ltd has become as one of Taiwan’s leading in the field. Recently, the company towards an important milestone -- tops out its new building which is conveniently located in Taichung (middle of Taiwan). This building is about triple of adding up original two factories and even much bigger as well as will address all the major missions of Foremount. “It is a new era of medical supplies!” said Tyson Hsu President of Foremount.

Strong R&D Ability

Foremount’s strong R&D Department is ongoing commitment to product development, besides enforces the TQM (Total Quality Management) for many years have allowed it to stand out from the competitions over European, American and Australian Markets. Moreover the company has won SBIR (subsidized by Department of Industrial Technology) most coveted award for Small Business Innovation Research. Since new equipment installations would bring up Foremout’s self production abilities and reduce product developing periods. Foremount consolidated its leading status better. “Most of our innovative products lead the field toward next stage of medical supplies. For example, our special design transparent disposable and re-usable masks is now generally use for respiratory care, even so, we are not smug about this quite an accomplishment” Tyson said

Though the company is always on the lookout for innovative products for newer application, it will continue to focus on liquid silicone and rubbers, which are its forte. Foremout provides a wide range of high-end quality medical supplies including surgical, respiratory care, anesthesia and emergency products as well as pain management and components.

Standards of quality

Foremount is accredited as every product conforms to the strictest industrial standards, having earned the following certificates: ISO 13485, DNV, FDA and CE Mark. Disposable and reusable types of masks are one of major product of Foremount. With its special design, the Anesthesia Care Series has special functions for better care of patient needs such as leak-proof, with design of ergonomics and transparent. In addition, all series made of medical grade material. It is heatproof available to reach 170 degrees. Injection finished products of one shape are better for clean up.

Mask Series

Oxygen Masks and Aerosol Masks are Foremount’s entry-level model of breath care masks and the advance mask to be used for sleeping care is continued innovated. There are available sizes for kids and adults with transparent surface for quality medical care. Particular designs of leak-proof and special shape of oxygen tank for its advance functions.

Foremount’s Pock Size of CPR Resuscitator easy to carry foldable mask in a compact storage case is ready to be used immediately. With its unique design, it has function of one-way valve with 3M Filtrate TM to prevent cross infection. Attachment of connetion of oxygen tank can be used as oxygen mask after CPR without changing.

Airway Seriers

Apart from series of masks Foremount’s Airway is another major product. The company provides various types of airways such as Guedel Airway with soft PVC (polyvinyl chloride), Guedel Airway with LDPE and Color Coded Bermann Airway. It designs for no sharp angle treatment to protecting medical workers and patients. With color coded on the top section is for its better identified system used. There are various sizes available from 30mm to 12mm.

Added Value Services

To satisfy customers’ immediately needs is a major daily concern for the company. “We provide not only high-end quality and advance technology for medical supplies also personalize services to our customers” said Hsu. For developing particular knowledge Foremount has built a close relationship with local medical center. In additionally, Foremount Service Department has ability to solve customers’ problems immediately and provides personalize services to individual needs.

Adwards: FDA / CE 0434 / ISO 13485

- ISO 13485

Design and supply of anaesthesia masks,emergency masks and respiratory care products.
Issue Date: 1999/11

- CE 0434

This is to certify that the Quality System for the product group:Respiratory Care
Devices-Defined by manufacturer as class IIa devices-
Issue Date: 2005/07

Motto:Driving the Quality! Foremouting the Healthy!