Better and Strong Grating Makes its Significant Step to Middle East

Better and Strong Grating Co., Ltd.


By Natasha Lin & Huien Chung 2007/09/14

As a leading grating manufacturer in Taiwan, Better and Strong has successfully developed its business in Middle East Market this year, it shows Better&Strong's efforts and credibility is widely recognized in oversea market.

gratingWith its essential business concept of “ great quality, prompt delivery, professional design and competitive price,” Better and Strong builds a good reputation as a leading manufacturer in grating of Taiwan. It has worked with construction companies, transportation companies and factories such as Taiwan Rapid Transit Corporation and Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation, which are important transportation systems in Taiwan. In order to serve more oversea customers, Better and Strong makes a great start in Middle East market this year.

For effective production, Better and Strong owns two ISO9001 certificated factories with a floor of over ten thousand square meter of space in total, one is for material support and the other one focuses on products processing. Its processing factory is well-equipped with electro-forge machine, it carries out steel welding to produce verity of grating specifications in accordance with the standard of Metal Bar Grating division of the National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers (NAAMM).

<>Better and Strong asserts that the company does not compromise when it comes to quality, therefore, it takes advantage of its own material factory and also ensures half-finished steels are quality guaranteed by reliable suppliers such as China Steel Company, the largest steel manufacturer of  Taiwan.

To service customers better, Better and Strong not only provides stainless grating, but also galvanized grating at competitive price to cater for more customers' needs. All products have been arranged to pass ASTM, BS and AS tests. Its galvanized products have ventilated, exploded-proof, anti-corrosive and anti-slippery characters with no blister, crack, pinhole and scrape appeared on surface. In addition, the determination of zinc content and thickness of grating also reaches international standards.

Better and Strong grating is ideal for catwalks, conveyor and access walkways, handrails, fences and platform, as well as stair treads on process plants. Better and Strong gratings are lightweight, self-cleaning, easy-to-install, strong loading-bearing capacity, no deformation occurred and allowing the passage of air and light. Grating types of bearing bars include flat type, serrated type, I bar and press-locked steel bar grating. Their spacing could also be customized designed and manufactured depends on customers' requirements.

In order to reduce the risk of accidents, especially in wet weather or in plant with high condensation, Better and Strong also provides non-slip strips and nosing design for different needs.

Comparing to other grating suppliers doing semi-finished products and final processing, Better and Strong is able to do steel coil cutting in use of CNC machine, which bring more competitive price to customers. It also achieves higher customers’ satisfaction for verity of grating specifications such as the flat steel with 40 x 3 mm.

Better and Strong specially provides a big chunk of black steel sheet grating without surface treatments for customers doing cutting and processing on their own.

Another high-value product of Better and Strongis trench and drainage pit cover, it has been widely used in public constructions, mass transportation, streets and playgrounds with frame supports (BT2) and non-frame (BT1) models.

As always looking our for customers' best interests, Better and Strong proposes the most appropriate flooring solution for customers application requirements. Moreover, fastening components such as setting screws and setting plates could be fully supplied with a good price to reduce installation cost, even chain locker are offered for drainage cover protection from stealing.


According to its commitment of prompt delivery,

Better and Strong makes a guarantee from material purchase,

grating galvanizing, to goods delivery within two weeks for special customer's demand.

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