Halin Pipe Corp. Expands Ranges of Products for Worldwide Customers.

Halin Pipe Corporation


By EDAS Lin 2008/06/17

Well-equipped in its production line, and better OEM/ODM service than other competitors, Halin Pipe Corp., excellent in exporting business of welded pipes, stainless steel pipe, ball valve and etc. steps toward worldwide markets by all means.

Since 1993, Halin Pipe Corp. has been in pipe welding & casting markets and served as an excellent exporting manufacturer. With delicate technology and well-equipped working environment, Halin Pipe's products spread their presences over various industries and fields, including medium transportation of gas, paper making, powder in chemistry, ship equipment, boiler-manufacturing, and biomedical etc. To widen its technical focus and ranges of products, Halin not only produces stainless steel pipes & carbon steel pipes but also ball valves, pipe fittings, and steel architectural accessories.

Well-known for its ball valves, which had been received certification of ISO 9001, API-607 Fire-Safe Approval, CRN, PED 97/23/EC Module H Certificate, Halin insists on producing products in high standard. Moreover, Halin's factories are totally equipped with a great amount of advanced and high-accuracy machines like air compressors, molding machines, cutting machines, welding equipment, heat treatments equipment, blasting machines etc. which can accelerate producing rate, lower production cost, and increase its production capability. In order to sustain mass production, it pays attention on ranges of product-innovation and tech-development, certainly, better services for worldwild customers.

Strong Technology for R & D

Due to its ambition toward exporting business, Halin consistently strengthens its R&D technology on innovating pipes & valves. For its Stainless Steel Pipe, which is one of Halin's hot products, gains ISO 9001:200 and API 5L certificates, standing for high-quality that passed both heat, water and pressure treatment. In addition, Halin's Carbon Steel Pipe, which can be used in electric resistance and technical delivery conditions, also received the certification.

Not only pipes customers can find in Halin, many sorts of ordinary Pipe Fittings, and even, the pipes for sanitary use can be found in it. All these pipe fittings pass temperature, pressure test systems, etc. Halin invests itself deeply in developing its categories of pipes and better quality, and dedicates itself on international trading, especially out to European and U.S.

Furthermore, Halin's ball valves, which are made in sorts of functions, always impress buyers' eyes by its diverse uses. Valves that can be applied to transportation, electrometallurgy, water conservation and etc., are certainly required in high standard for business use; but, particularly higher, while be used in machinery & chemistry industries. Undoubtedly, Halin's valves always confirm you to use in ease. Take Flanged End Ball Valve for example, it passes temperature test through -20ºC~200ºC, and it's function & quality has been approved by TA-Luft and API-607 Fire Safe.

To compete with markets, Halin also produces a great amount of Stainless Steel Architectural Accessories that are all made multi-functional. Less competitors focus on this field, but Halin does. With its effort, both Spider Fitting & Tension Rod, and Center Post & Arm Rial Bracket & Hook & End Cup fit Halin with market's demand.

Step to global markets

Halin's principle is to satisfy discerning clients' needs by innovating ranges of products. Attempting to provide more services for stepping to global markets, Halin will expand its technological focus, market channels, products categories, and plan for further marketing strategies with more advanced equipments to step forward by all means.

  • Strong Technology
  • Ranges of Products
  • Competitive Price
  • High-Quality & Accuracy with ISO Certificates and API-607 Fire Safe Approval
  • Global Export Business, Especially to European & U.S.