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By Natasha Lin & Huien Chung 2008/06/30

Receiving international patents worldwide, Heng Li has been well-known as a high-efficiency garlic processing line and skewer machines supplier, it always pursuing a great quality for the best interest of customers.

As the first garlic processing machine manufacturer, Heng Li was established in 1970 and has occupied over ninety percent of market coverage in Taiwan. It not only provides integrated garlic processing line, but also offers Food Skewer Machine to satisfy various market demands, Heng Li has marketed worldwide for sixteen years with food processing industries from South Asia, Europe and United States.

To carry out mass production, Heng Li 's factory has been extended to over thousand square feet of space in Tainan. Every machine is arranged to pass stringent inspections, and the quality of machine parts and materials has also been effectively controlled in terms of a good connection with reliable component suppliers.

Making a great efforts to machine development, Heng Li has received various patent rights on food process machines such as garlic peeler, garlic separating, garlic sorting, vegetable washing, eel skewer and food skewer machines with SGS and CE standards. Heng Li continues to obtain more international certifications to meet market demands.

As a member of Taiwan Turnkey Project Association, Heng Li is regarded as qualified provider. It offers from basic line includes separating, sorting and peeling implements, a mashed garlic making such as chapping, filling, and antisepticizing treatment equipments, to finished garlic powder production. All components and machine models are fully supplied depends on customers' need.

With stainless steel built-in and durable structure design, Garlic Separating Machine adapts to various size of garlic bulb, as well as protects garlic clove from split procedure by means of self-invented adjustable scrolling device with international food hygiene standard, in addition, Garlic Sorting Machine also assist to sort out garlic pieces, stem and film by equipped fan and sieve before peeling.

Heng Li Garlic peeler machine was high recommended product in France, German, United Kingdom and Turkey. According to traditional garlic peeling machine, garlic cloves were easily damaged by water rubbing procedure, it also cause high water consumption, water pollution and bad smell. To avoid this problems, Heng Li Garlic peeler machine could keep garlic intact and fresh through dry and peeling process with air compressor device. Its automatic temperature controller and feeder apparatus enable the complete separation of the garlic meats from the outer skins. This machine effectively supports high volume manufacturing, save electricity expense, lower rate of break down and produces at the rate of 60~170 KG/HR. Heng Li provides four models to meet customer requirements in terms of production capacity and delivery target.

Heng Li concerns as much as customers for the stringent hygiene food production environment, its advanced vacuum cleaner equipment collect the garlic cutis from peeling and reduce pollution in factory.

Heng Li has developed skewer machine for various preparation of skewered food such as Kabobs, Japanese style Kantodaki and Satay barbecue making. In a long-standing cooperation with Uni- President Food Company, the largest food company in Taiwan, for Kantodaki production, Heng Li High-Speed Food Skewer Machine shows its great value. It is capable of six skewers production at one go and provides a range of skewer size from twelve to eighteen centimeters in comparison with Japanese machine offers only four skewers at a time. More machine modules are supplied for different food applications and customized modules design orders are certainly accepted.

“Due to our stringent quality control on machines, our customers hardly ever have technical problems in operation, they can easily change modules and do maintenance in light of our detailed trouble shooting with film demonstration.” Sales Manager Jimmy Chen said.

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HG-7 Garlic Peeler
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