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By Natasha Lin 2007/08/27

bathroom fixtureMore than 15 years dedicated to providing customers with quality designer products for the bathroom fixtures and accessories. Chin Ho Fu Corp. is now leading manufacturing in the field. It has already established production basses and marketing channels under its well know brand Ho Fu in Japan and Europe. HoFu's only mission is marking the new standard for what customers can expect from bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Its R&D team believes new bathroom and kitchen products focus on making customers' lives better and easier. Today, CHF is one of the bathroom fixture and accessories suppliers for European largest home improvement retailer such as B&Q and Brico Depot of Kingfisher Group.

Chin Ho Fu Co., Ltd. (CHF), which began as a small scale manufacturer just a decade ago in 1992 has quickly become a prosperous supplier in the field. In the early stage, it manufactured plastic injection bathroom products, such as bath tub, toilet seat, mirror cabinet and bathroom accessories. After 15 years dedicated in the field, the company is now the recognized leader for manufacturing bathroom fixture. It owns two professional molding factories and includes several production lines under standard process norms. Moreover, CHF's outstanding subsidiary printery controls the quality of printing and packing, so that all products finished with fine looking color-print packages.

Product development has been an important aspect of the company's growth. CHF is always seeking the best ways to introduce various new technologies to its products. To stand out from thousands of competitors in the market, CHF started its OEM and ODM manufacturing services few years ago. With its prominent design team which is branch in Europe, is able to sniff out new fashions. “We put great emphasis on accommodating our customer's needs by adopting any ideas they may have, or manufacturing any specific products that they requires” Sales Manager Jean Chen said proudly.

Besides being trusted for its product's reliability, the company also promotes them under its well know brand HoFu in the bathroom fixture and accessories, such as,  towel stand, towel rack, WC stand, mirror, mirror cabinet, toilet seats, wire wares and more. Few years ago, CHF started promoting its well know brand HoFu to European largest home improvement retailers. Now it is remarkable brand for Kingfisher which is the top 3 decoration and building material retail group in the world. And this could be just the beginning of a booming market, Chen indicated her great ambition.

Smarter Design for Higher Performance!

Smarter Design for higher performance, bathroom fixture is no longer just a fixture! It is more likely an art deco and makes your relaxation more enjoyable. For instance, the major production chain – toilet seat can be made in several materials such as mould wood, Oak, Pine, MDF, PP, Glass fiber and Urea. With its great thermal transfer printing and eco painting, the pattern is stable and green. The design is not only for vision attracted but also consider about safekeeping. A slow flip down system Toilet Seat is ideal for potty training and elder care. This dazzle 3 in 1 design is especially for poly and wooden materials, as well as customer made toilet sets.

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bathroom fixture

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