Hon Mon Launched Great Value Cushioning Rubber Products

Hon Mon Enterprise Co., Ltd.


By Natasha Lin & Huien Chung 2007/11/28

high-tech cushioning rubberIn view of the present invention and great improvement to rubber composition for strong cushioning function, Hon Mon has also engaged in formula development on semi-finished rubber products, it aims to offer versatile products for customers.

Following the growing global market change, Hon Mon more focuses on high-tech cushioning rubber production with advanced technology, which presents its strong ambition in market development and brings more choices for customers.

“As our ultimate commitment to understand customers' needs, we completely believe our rubber material will be applied for wide range of products, such as sport protection pad, baseball gloves and shoes sole.” Hon Mon General Manager Bella Hsu said.

As a rubber semi-finished products supplier, Hon Mon has run through thirty years with professional and effective OEM services, its main products include Chloroprene Rubber (CR) Neoprene Sheet, Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) Neoprene Sheet, EVA, PE Rubber Slab and multi-function mats.

In particular to view more Hon Mon 's products, its CR foam rubber sheet has excellent non-water absorption character for warm keeping fabric application and laminating. With strong flexibility and resilience, SBR neoprene sheet has high resistance in water and been great used in insulated can holders, sports gloves, mouse pads and pet collars, as well as CS neoprene sheet has strong durability and stabilization. Hon Mon is also proud of exclusive developed rubber sponge-Thermoplastic Elastomer sheets, which is elastic, soft with good skin.

Up to the present, Hon Mon has worked with many OEM applicants such as water entertainment equipments, shoes, sport protection pad, medical equipments manufacturers in China, Australia, Brazil, South Korea and Turkey.

According to a long term relationship with upstream suppliers, Hon Mon can absolutely guarantee high level of product quality. All raw rubber is supplied by Formosa Plastic Corporation, TSRC Corporation, Taiwan well-known rubber production companies. Moreover, a strong connection to worldwide downstream processors also shows Hon Mon ’s quality is built on trust.

In order to provide massive output of high quality rubber items within a short period of time, Hon Mon ISO 9001 certificated factory is well supported by foam rubber and rubber products manufacturing lines, it has also made a great effort and investment on factory facilities such as Calender roll, Foaming machine, Vulcaniser and Extruder are fully equipped.

On concern of environmental safety, using recycled rubber material and taking good care of rubber waste have become major issues. Hon Mon insist its multi-functional mats are made of neoprene recycled materials, it also emphasizes on better control of all processes, minimizing spills and leaks, and energy efficiency. Hon Mon even has its own method for rubber waste disposal.

Hon Mon has also become a high-recommended rubber semi-finished manufacturer in China, it has worked with soft rubber tube and motorbike handle bar grips manufacturers in many years. As sales offices were formed in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Qingdao cities. Hon Mon continues seeking more cooperation with sewing machinery, processing industrials and Rubber Development Centers.

To meet more customers over the world, Hon Mon is ready to attend international trade shows such as International Trade Fair of Plastic and Rubber in Germany, Taipei Rubber & Plastic Industry Show, BRASILPLAST Show. Hon Mon is sincerely looking forward to achieving business success with customers.

"We accept OEM applications from manufacturers and processing factories in comprehensive industries, from sport accessories, shoes, slip strap pad, mug wrapper, laptop bag, to motorbike handle grips, which shows we definitely make it possible as long as our customers ask for." General Manager Bella Hsu added.