Asia Online Launches To Strengthen Ties Between Importers & Exporters



By EDAS Lin 2008/08/18

Asia Online, a leading online directory company in Taiwan introduces a variety of information appliances by its new vertical website— ( for international trading community in August 2008. is positioned as an international B2B online product directory providing tens of thousands of information appliance products and suppliers' information in detail. It also offers bulletin board for buyers, sellers, and service providers.

''Due to rapid growth of online searches and inquiries in the IA industry, our mission is to help customers expand their reach with potential trading partners through Internet.'' the Founder of Asia Online, Dr. Sanko Lan pointed out, ''This IA platform will bring everyone in the supply chain together, providing a direct communication channel between importers & exporters. It also eases the effort of sourcing and selling for people in the business.'' categorized products into Home Automation, Information Appliances, Lighting, Networking & Communications, Protection & Security Equipments, Telecommunications, Household Electronic Appliances, Multimedia & Detector Electronic Products, etc. By this IA website, the search engines and directory can guide importers to obtain the latest products information easily. In addition, buyers can subscribe new information appliance products alert during registration. The IA website will collect and email new products information periodically. For suppliers, the monitor & report system of will inform them incoming inquiries immediately and allow them to analyze website traffic & buyers profiles to reposition their marketing and product development efforts.

Management team of has accumulated a wealth of experience and know-how in IA industry & international trading. Based in Taiwan, the management team can serve exporters closely to ensure the information appliance contents are updated frequently and precisely. Since its launch, the IA website has attracted suppliers and buyers from over one hundred countries. ''It’s a great start. And, we are adding more features to it in the near future.'' said the founder of Asia Online.

Asia Online was founded in 1996 by Dr. Sanko Lan, a Stanford University Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, to serve information appliances for the international trading community by Internet technologies. Dr. Lan teamed up technical and marketing talents in the U.S. & Taiwan, and headquartered ''Asia Online'' in Taipei, Taiwan. Asia Online is a front-runner in the online product-catalog business. The company has built up its credibility in the Greater China Area by serving hundreds of thousands of manufacturers and exporters to showcase products online and benefit from the Internet technologies.

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