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By Natasha Lin & Huien Chung 2007/08/23

Beverage Filling & Packaging Machinery Jien Hong was established in 1991 as a beverage machinery manufacturer. With thirty years experience, it gains a good reputation from famous domestic beverage companies and government bureaus such as UNI-Present, Wei-Chuan, Taiwan Salt, Taiwan Tobacco & Wine Bureau. It has also exported to overseas in Southeast Asia, The Middle East and Africa.

Having worked with well known beverage companies and belongs to Taiwan Turnkey-Project Association, Jien Hong has been regarded as well experienced team for turnkey projects from case analysis, solution design, installation service, to technical support and operator training. Its turnkey services include Hot filling line for PET containers, Mineral water filling line, Hot filled line for can containers, Carbonated drink filling line, Wine filling line.

“To pay attention to details in design, every turnkey project is conducted by a group of three or four experienced personnel from a single machine to integrated production line. It streamlines customer’s production process to the best.” Sales Manager Liang Yu Chen said.

According to a long-standing cooperation with components suppliers, all products are manufactured under ISO9001 control system, Jien Hong high quality products include Auto De-Ppalletizer, Bottle Rinsing / Filling / Capping machine, Bottle Inverter for Cap sterilization, Cooling or Warming Tunnel, Labeling Machine, Shirnk Film Wrapper & Shrink Tunnel, Case Ppacker, Stretch Film Wrapper..etc.

Our Three in One Unit Bottle Rinsing Filling Capping Machine is a good choice to increases manufacture effectiveness and sanitation requirement.” Mr. Chen said.

Equipped with unique bottle neck holder and air conveyor, Bottle Rinsing Filling Capping Machine can effectively reduce the possibility that the bottles might be deformed by high temperature in hot filling process and change various bottle sizes without height adjustment. The advanced Human Interface can make the operation more easily and also detect error massage.

Auto De-Palletizer can stack the pallets automatically, which leads to manpower save and effective transportation. It is also operated with the frequency inverter in order to reduce the possibility of bottles damage. Auto De-Palletizer also has the option of automatic cardboard pile-on and take-out. This optional can resolve inconvenience of manual operation and easy for forklift carrying.

“Case packing equipment can adapt to a wide range of bottles, and do so quickly and easily during frequent changeovers.” Mr. Chen recommended. Jien Hong case packer adapts to different bottle sizes and shapes, as well as to different case sizes in term of wrap-around or tray packing adjustment. Its touch-screen operator interface makes quick changeovers possible and indexing transmission effectively control packing accuracy.

More recommended products such as Auto Sleeve Labeling Machine & Shrink Tunnel. It also handles various container specifications with cylinder and multi-bottles design. Through high temperature steam or electro thermal system, both solutions can make label perfectly fit on the bottles. Due to high quality products assurance, all components are either from Europe, Japan or Taiwan.

In working with international beverage company,

Jien Hong insists on providing high quality Clean-In-Place (CIP) System

to effectively sterilize product flow path, filling valve, filling bowl to meet stringent hygiene requirements.

Our HOT Products

There are more products provided by Jien Hong, please visit Jien Hong's web site: /machine/jiehhong or e-Mail: jiehhong@ms38.hinet.net

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