Jiin Haur Impresses Global Clients with Its Newly-Designed Garden Tools

Jiin Haur Industrial Co., Ltd.


By EDAS Lin 2008/08/05

From Japan to U.S. and from OEM to ODM, Jiin Haur positively keeps abreast of modern techniques, continuously providing markets brand new garden tools with its innovation.

Starting its garden tools business in 1977, Jiin Haur Industrial Co., Ltd. with strong R&D team, customized services and highly efficiency management steps out toward international gardening markets, standing firmly with its impressive horticultural/gardening tools in this competitive stage for more than three decades.

With a great amount of effort for gardening business, Shyh-Biau Wu, the chief president of Jiin Haur, set up this company for carrying out his great idea and put his ideal into practice by producing products from garden tools and trimmers to grass shears, floral pruning shears, pruning shears, garden knife/sharpener, lawn mowers, multi-function shears, long reach pruners, outdoor equipment, walking stick and categories of handy garden tools.

Always keeps its eyes open to view each customer's demand, Jiin Haur excels itself at observing every detail from gardening activities, inclining to solve each problem for horticultural tools and attempting to enhance every step of the process while user's in his/her gardening works. Customer-oriented—it's the way Jiin Haur treats its clients well; it aims at designing handy and multi-function tools to make users use in joy and ease.

Jiin Haur also pays much attention to import premium quality material—Japanese carbon steel—to strengthen the blades of its shears, which are designed tough enough to withstand abrasion against most of metals. Like Leafage/Grass Shears, which is made of high carbon SK-7 steel, is designed with non-slip (rubber) grips for both left & right hand users, and even, with various stylish shapes for both man & lady to choose. And, honorably approved by GS, TUV, CE & VPA certifications, Jiin Haur's garden tools are highly reliable and convenient for users, being recommended by customers from Europe, America, Japan, Mid-East, India etc.

Due to its concern of high-value production & environmental protection, Jiin Haur never stops innovating for its producing process. It insistently installs high-quality & high-accuracy machines including auto shearing testing machine for full-automatic mass production, micro hardness tester and spring testing system, which are all effectively guarantee the best stability and resistance.

Handy Garden Tools

Jiin Haur takes lots of effort to produce diverse thoughtful devices, the the 6-3/4" By-Pass Pruning Shear (JH-611-1) is one of its main products. Made of high carbon SK-5 steel, the upper blade of this pruning shear is delicately polished while the lower blade of it is in orange & black. With its plated chrome body, this By-Pass Pruning Shear can undertake the hardness testing with & withstand abrasion against most of metals.

Another major product—the 6-3/4" Floral Pruning Shear (JH-612-1)—is favored by not only individual users but professional horticultural, governmental, and industrial users all over the world. With non-stick PTFE coated blade, the handle of this Floral Pruning Shear is also anodized with other high-level materials: nylon/fiberglass combined with soft TPR grips. Th plastic lock & locking features for this Floral Pruning Shear is thoughtfully designed for safety and storage.

According to its concern of producing advanced gardening tools with safety-oriented functions, all the tools in Jiin Haur feature in their customer-friendly designed shape and functions, being noted for this thoughtful specification. Take the 8" By-Pass Pruning Shear (JH-812) for example, the device of thumb-oriented safety & of soft TPR grip makes this it comfortable and ergonomic to use for both adults & kids.

Best but not only, the Knife Sharpener with Suction Pad (JH-016B), which is manufactured with zinc alloy body as well as with ABS plastic handle for safety, is dedicatedly designed for resharpening or tune-up the accuracy for devices like gardening knifes and shears, grinding the these knifes/shears while they're blunt. In addition, the Suction Pad gives this Sharpener stability and makes sharpening a hassle free task.

In the future, Jiin Haur will take more attention to R&D development, factory management, more flexible marketing policies to fulfill every client's request, attempting to draw more attention from the competitive markets and continuously showing markets the best service and gardening tools by Jiin Haur's advanced innovation.

In the coming rest of year,
2008, Jiin Haur is bound for planning to participate the International Horticultural/Gardening Tools Expo in Japan around this October.

Jiin Haur plans to present all its newly-designed gardening tools, knife sharpener, floral pruning shears and more in this business fair,
bringing customers all over the world the brand new & stylish products beyond your expectation.

If you're interested in these above gardening tools,
don't forget to contact Jiin Haur by phone/fax/e-mail.
Jiin Haur is pleased to serve for any client not only for the coming Expo but for daily services/orders.

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