King Snaps Ind. Corp. Explores Markets in All Major Continents

King Snaps Ind. Corp.


By Stella Wang 2008/09/08

As a responsible connector manufacturer with great innovation, King Snaps offers a wide variety of quality connectors including safety hooks, climbing carabiners, pulleys, and etc..

As a reputable manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE) in Taiwan, King Snaps Ind. Corp. (King Snaps) is reaching out to all major continents with its innovation and entrepreneurship. Having extensive experience in Hot Forge technique, endowing the products with both greater resilience and durability, King Snaps offers its European customers quality climbing carabiners, safety hooks, and a wide variety of custom as well as ready-made connectors including climbing gear, safety equipment, marine hardware, rigging hardware, and saddle hardware. Dedicated to the industry for more than two decades, King Snaps has never ceased to research or to develop new products. To keep up with the most recent technique and the competitive market, the connector manufacturer introduces newly-designed products to the consumers every month.

Certificated by ISO and CE two major international organizations, King Snaps equips itself with advanced facilities including a three-way hot forge machine. With 12 forging facilities, whose output ranging from 50 to 1,200 tons, the connector manufacturer precisely performs tasks with standardized procedures.

Mastery in Hot Forge Technique

Compared with Cold Forge technique, Hot Forge takes the advantage of shaping connectors into desired forms with great precision. Both complex and simple shapes can be carried out with such technique. In addition, such technique lowers the chance of damaging the connectors in the process of shaping. Unlike Cold Forge technique, which might break the connectors being bent into desirable shapes, Hot Forge technique prevents the unwanted depreciation of the manufacturing process.

A Highly-qualified OEM/ODM Manufacturer with Innovation

As an innovative manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE), King Snaps is willing to and confident of taking both ODM and OEM orders. With both extensive experience and advanced facilities, the connector manufacturer has offered a considerable number of international clients, mostly from Europe, such services. To expedite the manufacturing process, the connector manufacturer employs the rapid prototyping (RP) facility to produce the preliminary model, which will be moving onto the process of mass production, based on three-dimensional graphics designed by either King Snaps, the connector manufacturer, or by the clients.

Outstanding Quality Control

In addition to the application of advanced technology in production, King Snaps also has a reputation for good quality control. Employing X-ray inspection machine, the manufacturer gives each finished pieces thorough check before the distribution. As a responsible manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE), King Snaps has insured $2 million US dollar for products' liability.

Active Response to Globalization

Seeking more exposure internationally, the connector manufacturer keenly participates in various industrial exhibitions that attract prospective customers. In 2008, King Snaps had participated in industrial exhibitions, such as, Outdoor Retailers (USA) aiming at retailers, Outdoor (Germany), International Hardware Fair/ Practical World (Germany), and National Hardware Show (USA). Further, the manufacturer is preparing for other two events, namely, Tokyo DIY Show (Japan), and METS, which will take place respectively in August and November. With innovation and entrepreneurship, King Snaps Ind. Corp. is presenting its aluminum alloy connectors to the world in hope of acquiring a higher percentage of the share of the market in the America, Australia, as well as Africa where the market has not yet been fully explored.

  • Method: Hot Forge, Rapid Prototyping
  • Scale: 1 three-way hot forge machine and 11 regular hot forge machine
  • Test: 100% tested for each connector.
  • Certification: CE 0123, CE0158, CE1015, CE1019, CE2008, EN362, EN12275, ISO