Lung Yun Set to Join MCE 2008 Milan

Lung Yun Casting Co., Ltd.


By Natasha Lin & Huien Chung 2007/12/04

Valve, casting parts, flangesNever stop pursuing high level of industrial valve production and casting techniques. Lung Yun is ready to bring its achievement to meet more customers at MCE 2008 Milan.

Looking forward to attending Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE) in Milan Italy, from 11th to 15th March 2008, Lung Yun welcomes worldwide visitors to see its constant efforts in valve production.

Lung Yun started OEM and ODM casting manufacture since 1981 and expanded its business in ball valve production in1990. It has cooperated with a leading electronic manufacture-TECO Electric and Machinery Ltd, and receives a great recommendation from Ministry of Economic Affair Bureau of Industrial Development in Taiwan.

Approved by CRN and CE certification, Lung Yun has been well-recognized and marketed internationally including the United States, Canada, Italy, United Kingdom, Swiss, Ukraine and Czech Republic. Up to present, Lung Yun has had resellers in United Arab Emirates and The Republic of Colombia. It reaches over USD 5 million in annual sales.

In favor of monthly capacity of 200 tons adequately, Lung Yun owns foundry factory and valve factory awarded ISO9001 certification. Occupying 5,368 square meters in total, these factories are well equipped with sand mold equipments such as sand mixer, air compressor and molding machines. Moreover, spectrometer, induction furnace, ladles, thermocouple pyrometer, blasting cleaning, cutting machines, welding equipment, pickling tanks and heat treatments equipment are fully available.

To sustain mass production, Lung Yun put more effort into upgrading of equipment and established factory for valve assembly, relative industrial fittings and sanitary fittings manufacturing in China with the area of 2,200 square meters.

In addition, valve plant supports high volume of ball valve and pneumatic valve production, materials are selected from top quality carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel. Lung Yun especially manufactures high-pressure valves rated from 3000 psi to 6000 psi for all customers needs.

As an imperative of high quality assurance, Lung Yun ensures all valves pass pressure, temperature and fireproof tests, and size inspection. More special inspection can be done upon customers' request.

Lung Yun foundry produces various machinery components, motor parts, trailer parts, roadway construction parts, marine accessories, pipe fittings and flanges. In particular to a good connection with upstream in Taiwan and China, the serious control of raw material is surely regarded as priority in management.

On the other hands, Lung Yun has a long standing cooperation with sub-contractors of molding, which efficiently shortens throughput time and enables Lung Yun to offer wide-range molding items for customers.

“We realize continuous improvement of technological capability is an essential element to business success. Although Lung Yun has a strong technical team with over ten years of experiences, all employees are encouraged to attend industrial training at Taiwan Metal Industries Research & Development Center.” Lung Yun General Manager Che-Ming Wang said.

As a commitment to prompt delivery service, Lung Yun can make it after two weeks in stock and meet customers due date within forty-five working days after production. Lung Yun is also more flexible in production scheduling for special order.

Facing to the rapid change in global market, Lung Yun still keeps positive attitude to international business development. It believes great quality products, quick respond service and excellent technology make it stand out from the competition for twenty years.

Valve, casting parts, flanges

Sufficient supply from production line in Taiwan and Mainland China

High-pressure valves in rang of 3000psi and 6000psi production

Competitive Price

On-time goods delivery

Our HOT Products

Great value products of Lung Yun include ball valve, pneumatic valve, control valve, fittings, flanges, motor parts and trailer parts. Please visit Lung Yun website and contact Lung Yun for further information.