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By Natasha Lin & Huien Chung 2007/11/13

As a top knitting machine innovator, Pai Lung was taking more proactive step at ITMA 2007, its special live fashion show and high value machines demonstration reflect significant progress of this year.

Congratulation to Pai Lung on great performance and presentation at ITMA 2007 in Munch Germany, with its theme of “Time to Solution,” Pai Lung is well positioned as a leading total solution provider to customers on machine, fabrics and business. Its live fashion show and machines exhibited received unanimous applause from over 100,000 trade visitors during the period of the fair.

Live Fashion Show attracts a great deal of attention

As the only exhibitor was permitted by ITMA to present live fashion show, Pai Lung’s groundbreaking demonstration of its unique knitted fabric with creativity made impression on visitors. The clothing of catwalk show revolved around categories include life style, urban life, athletics and intimacy.

Working with Taiwanese fashion designers, Pai Lung successfully combined the fashion concept and exclusive invented fabric function in the show. The show effectively demonstrated its worldwide known knitted denim jeans, as well as knitted corduroy, knitted suede and knitted soft shell.

In particular to the show, Pai Lung knitted denim fabric was widely used in casual wear, formal dress and sport outfit, even snow coat. This denim-like fabric definitely coveys youth and chic in style.

Pai Lung also applies the “Body Mapping” technology on knitted fabric, this feature enhances breathability and improves airflow across the body. More yoga clothing, polo shirt and underwear with this design were well presented in the show.

Another highlight of fashion show is fine gauge knit soft shell, it consists of two to three layers with cloth and thin-films, which brings strong waterproof, windproof and ventilation characters. This lightweight soft shell is great material for sport jackets, it can be stowed nicely into pockets and fit in portable bags.

Machine exhibited provides exclusive technical know-how

Furthermore, Pai Lung proudly presented eleven sets of machines include ten circular and one flat knitting collar machines, it not only continued to introduce advanced K-series models but also announced “A-series” machines such as Woven Like Corduroy Function Circular Knitting Machine (PL-ASFC). They are fully guaranteed to assist customers to produce excellent fabrics in timely manner. More displayed models were Single Knit Electronic Jacquard Knitting Machine(PL-KSCJ), Single Jersey Ultra High Speed Four Track Knitting Machine(PL-KS4B-HHS) and Pai Lung Flat Knitting K series Collar Machine(PLF-KCS).

In regard to the exhibited A-series machine, Pai Lung reverses the view of woven corduroy, its model PL-ASFC is able to produce tighter knitted and elastic woven-like fabric with certain yarns arrangement. By means of cylinder gauge change on machine, PL-ASFC totally supports various types of corduroy production without extra investment.

According to highest speed built-in feature, the model KS4B-HHS also came as a another surprise to most visitors. It can speed up to 100RPM maximum and produces approximately 1600KG cotton fabric with a cylinder diameter of 20 inches.

Pai Lung announced Flat Knitting K series Collar Machine(PLF-KC2) as a new innovation in the show, this machine is equipped with two knitting heads produce collar or sleeve cuff in 36 inches width each. Its precision positioning servo motor system is in great control of efficient production at high speed.

In view of significant success at ITMA, Pai Lung thanks to many visitors from North, Middle and South of America, Europe, Africa, and Middle East. As its ongoing commitment for profitable growth and increased prosperity with customers, Pai Lung continues to strive toward high level of knitting technology and integrated full services.

Model Features
PL-ASFC - Corduroy Fabric
PL-KSCJ - Fine gauge in electronic jacquard knitting
PL-KS4B-HHS - Ultra high speed performance-RPM is up to 100
- Speed factor 2000
PLF-KC2 - Sleeve collar and cuff making in 36 inches width each
- Up to 6 color effect arrangement
KSECJ -Special fish net pattern with intarsia jacquard effect/Boday Mapping

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