Qiao Shen Machine Company Seeks More Opportunities to Work with Machinery Manufacturers

Qiao Shen Machine Company


By Natasha Lin & Huien Chung 2008/06/09

As always assist customers to high production efficiency, Qiao Shen moves forward to serve worldwide customers.

For a new start for 2008, Taiwan expert manufacturer of machine tools - Qiao Shen Machine Company, is ready to serve more worldwide machinery customers. It also provides product catalog for detailed standard description and additional information, which brings more integrated service.

With more eighteen years experiences in the field of machine tool manufacturing, Qiao Shen Machine Company has built up its great creditability to customers worldwide, it offers comprehensive machine tools with wide range of specifications and customized sizes. Its products include clamping kits, T-nuts & studs sets, screw jacks, clamping studs, clamping straps, coupling nuts, flanged nuts, step blocks and free vises. They greatly accessorize customer's machines to maximize performance and efficiency.

“Thanks to our customers' long-term support and recommendation, it means our efforts have been recognized. We keep paying earnest attitude to assist customers to prosperity in 2008.” Qiao Shen Manager, Ms Shiau Ting Shih said in confidence.

Outstanding quality control & factory management.

To effectively support annual capacity of over 20,000 sets, Qiao Shen factory with 500 level ground is well functioned by horizontal and vertical CNC working machines, NC grinding machines. Supported by flexible manufacturing system and storage system, Qiao Shen has high production efficiency and swift response to market demands. Accordingly, more customers such as wholesalers and dealer agents could purchase great amount of fixture and jig tools in one go.

Based in Taiwan, Qiao Shen has cooperated with reliable upstream suppliers and guarantees a high quality of products. All products also well pass strict inspection by downstream customers, which make Qiao Shen more trustful from competitive market.

In terms of its commitment of on-time delivery and better control over the warehouse, Qiao Shen delivers the goods within one day in stock and two working days for special order. After receiving sample description and specification information, Qiao Shen not only follow through production plan on time but being more flexible on working schedule to meet customer’s special delivery date.

High recommended products

Made from carbon steel, Qiao Shen step block is well heat treating finished and manganese phosphate coated, therefore, the strong anti-rust resistance protection is guaranteed. In addition to hardness in range of 32-38 HRC, this product has more sturdy character and accurate for fixing position during the machining operations.

Qiao Shen free vise is functioning with modules, devices and equipments such as milling machines. Its unique steel clamp design with hardness over HRC55, this vise comes as another excellent tool for holding and griping various size goods, it definitely enhances processing ability of machines.

To cater for customers needs, Qiao Shen clamping kits show a good value for fastening and fixing in T slots. Qiao Shen provides T-slot nuts, Flange nuts, Coupling nuts, Step blocks, Step clamps and studs with BS and GB standards come in one set, they are finely carbon steel made and handy application. More screw jack clamping kits are available and single-item purchase is welcomed.

As its ongoing commitment for profitable growth and increased prosperity with customers, Qiao Shen never stops striving toward high level of product development and services.

  • Reliable supply chain support
  • High quality production system
  • Competitive price
  • On-time goods delivery

Our HOT Products

Qiao Shen's products include clamping kits, T nuts & studs sets, screw jacks, clamping studs, clamp straps, coupling nuts, flanged nuts, step blocks, T slot nuts, hex angular screw jacks, etc. Please visit http://www.allproducts.com/tool/qiaoshen/supplier.html and contact Qiao Shen for more information.

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Clamping Kit
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