Perfect Health Leads to Perfect Life--Beijing Sincoheren Puts High-tech into IPL Medical Equipment

Beijing Sincoheren S & T development Co.,Ltd.


By EDAS Lin 2008/08/13

If you're wondering where to purchase the high-tech & stable quality medical & aesthetic equipment, laser treatment, and loose weight machine with the fair well cost more than its value, Sincoheren's products will fit your need with its perfect functionality and practicality, continuously presenting customers various instruments not only for medical treatment but for health & beauty.

Starting its medical & aesthetic equipment making business in 1999, Beijing Sincoheren S & T development Co.,Ltd. integrated with advanced R&D staff, well-equipped factory of 1,000 sq.m, high-efficiency management, and after sale services increases its marketing channels to enlarge its production capacity, elevating its market share in this competitive stage.

To expand international business further,Sincoheren keeps improving and upgrading its products as dedicatedly as possible. Hundreds of products are provided by Sincoheren: Multi-Functional IPL Machine, Medical Equipment, Aesthetic Equipment, Hair Removal, Laser Treatment, Loose Weight Machine,, Spot Size IPL Machine, IPL Quantum Machine, Cooling Radio Frequency Machine, Beauty Equipment, Skin Care Instrument are all included.

Sincoheren's equipments and products are all strictly tested before sale. It's able to guarantee one-year free repair service from the purchasing date. Thus, during the guarantee period, Sincoheren will repair the machine for free if the malfunction is caused by the quality of the product.

Strong R&D Technology

Approved by certificate of ISO 9001, CE for IPL, CE for Laser, and still others like SFDA, ISO 13485, ISO 9000, and CE 1313, Sincoheren's equipments are all designed to pass through many International Quality & Safety Standard, highly recommended to be used not only by surgeons, physician, and hospitallers in clinics or hospitals but beauticians in salon shops. Consumers/hospitallers can use these machines in ease and health, being able to enjoy the moment for medical treatment with pleasure and convenience.

With the deep concern of consumer's request for health & beauty, Sincoheren dedicated itself in high-tech OEM & ODM innovation, attempting to upgrade and develop more and more leading advanced machines for users' taking better advantages with. For example, the technology of RF (Radio-Frequency) wrinkle removal device is just to utilize 10MHz/s electric wave to permeate the epidermis, taking good effect on the underlying tissue. This techniques aims at skin-rejuvenation, trying to assist consumers to achieve their skin's utmost perfectiveness.

The Main Devices in Sincoheren

Due to its ambitious enterprise code, Sincoheren never stop experimenting on IPL machines research & development.Sincoheren's always in its great plan to design any further forward-looking and advanced devices beyond each consumer's expectation. The Cooling Radio Frequency Machine, which is combined fashionable appearance with premium tech—high frequency shake & high heat in safety, brings users the utmost advantage for skin-metabolism improving, tightening skin, eliminating wrinkles and so on, improving each user's skin-elasticity and lessening deep wrinkle of neck.

Another well-known device—New Multi-Functional IPL Machine for Hair Removal—is highly recommended not only by lady users for beauty usage but even male users and the elderly. With mini size for moving easily, this IPL Machine can remove undesired hair permanently from various areas of the body, and speckles, age spot, freckles from various types of aged skin. Its can shrink the coarse pore, eliminating or lightening the acne scar even used for the facial trauma patients.

Additionally, while mentioning about the worldwide hot topic—stay in shape without diet—the well-designed machine, Loose Weight Machine, oughts to perfectly draw everyone's attention with its outstanding advantages. The high frequency radio can heat up the fattiness of 5~15mm and enhance the spread of oxygen molecules, consistently improving the cells material exchange and promoting the fat metabolism. Besides, mechanical rolling vacuum of this machine is capable of increasing the blood supply, promoting the release of the enzymes during the metabolism of fat tissue. It does a great effort to positively help consumer loose weight without negative way—diet.

Perfect health leads to perfect life—this is the main spirit which leads Sincoheren to directly step forward on its industrial-wide innovation. Without hesitation in this competitive market, Sincoheren will keep on standing firmly to take much effort and time to offer consumers more benefit for using its hundreds of medical and aesthetic devices in the coming future.

For introducing and publicizing its advanced technology toward international market, Sincoheren developed the new brand—Mona Lisa Series of products as the following:

  • ND YAG Mini Tattoo Removal Laser Device / IPL Hair Removal Laser Machine
  • Radio Frequency Skincare Device / Speckle Removal Device
  • YAG Laser Skincare Device / Mini IPL Hair Removal System
  • Loose Weight Machines --and more (please see the information in Sincoheren's showroom)

Carrying with the above brand new devices, Sincoheren is planning to take part in the coming event in April, 2009—the Cosmoprof Bologna in Italy. Sincoheren's related information about joining this event will be provided by the next release. Await with patience. Coming soon!