TAITRA: Taiwan's Green Tech Will Vitalize Auto & Accessories Show in Aril, 2009

Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)


By EDAS Lin 2009/02/02

Auto Parts, Automobiles, Auto Accessories, Auto Tronics, Cars, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Bikes, International Auto Parts & Accessories Show, Taipei AMPA, TAITRA, Taiwan External Trade Development Council Which future car uses less in fuel/gas but drives in power? What kind of car body structure and materials make the car lighter, more stylish, and friendlier to our environment? In order to encourage the auto parts who sincerely concern the environmental protection, taking much time and efforts to develop energy-saving automobiles, the organizer will not only hold the AMPA Show but arrange some awards ceremony for the exhibitors.

Asia’s largest and most professional auto accessories and auto electronics trade show—The International Auto Parts & Accessories Show (Taipei AMPA) combined with Auto Tronics Taipei, 2009—will be grandly held on April 14-17 at TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall. This year the organizer, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), is going to orient the theme of Taipei AMPA toward current global economic and environmental situation, tied with the global energy issue—Focus on Green Tech & Alternative Power.

Up to the latest statistics estimated by TAITRA, there will be approximately 1,100 auto parts firms and around 2,700 stands to draw domestic or overseas buyers’ attention; much more than 51,700 purchasers in prediction. In order to create the utmost benefit towards both buyers and exhibitors, Taipei AMPA connects the related trade show—Taipei International Motorcycles Show, combining them all in one at the same place and the same duration for consumers to enjoy their visits and purchasing. Neither common visitors nor auto parts suppliers/traders shall not miss this grand occasion; Taipei AMPA in 2009 will absolutely green visitors' view with fresh eyes, the organizer proclaimed.

Auto Parts, Automobiles, Auto Accessories, Auto Tronics, Cars, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Bikes, International Auto Parts & Accessories Show, Taipei AMPA, TAITRA, Taiwan External Trade Development Council

In order to globalize Taiwan's auto industry and link the green tech development up to international standard, TAITRA takes more time and efforts than before to invite more leading figures/companies to enhance this grand show; the presentation for future cars and modern automobiles with advanced green tech is to enrich the theme as well. Asian countries like Thailand, Philippine, India, China and etc., and western countries as German and US will all take part in The Show. BMW, Mercedes-Benz, BEHR, Automotive Lighting China, and Robert Bosch, the guiding and foremost purchasers from Germany, will be on Taipei AMPA's guest list as well.

With no sign of recession, both domestic and overseas firms get ready for Taipei AMPA, and begin to prepare their uppermost techniques, latest products, and strong service team, attempting to stimulate massive scope of business as much as possible. Some outstanding manufactures like TYC Brother Industrial Co., Ltd. and DEPO Auto Parts Ind., Co., Ltd. and etc. will bring their newest application and auto products to draw buyers' attention; other leading auto companies such as Innotech Electronics, E-LEAD, SHIHLIN ELECTRIC, etc. will debut their brand new conceptual products and incline to present future automobiles tied tightly with new lifestyle to worldwide markets.

Green Tech Vitalizes Auto Business

Auto Parts, Automobiles, Auto Accessories, Auto Tronics, Cars, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Bikes, International Auto Parts & Accessories Show, Taipei AMPA, TAITRA, Taiwan External Trade Development Council

Environmental protection technology, nowadays, pushes forward auto industry with many peripheral business with full swing. The growing percentage of using environmental-friendly and green auto parts, accessories, wheels, tire repair kits, conversion kits, tailgate covers, door mirrors, LED lighting, plastic & rubbers components, and materials drive the auto market into a new era. Due to the trend, more and more firms dedicate themselves to focus on Green Tech Application, and aim to provide consumers the alternative automobiles or transport devices (e.g. small electric cars, mini motors, or bikes) in cosy car body with higher quality of safety, targeting to stimulate the sales getting through the business downturn in 2008.

Except new Green deigns and techniques, energy-saving materials and technical art are also essential toward the theme, therefore, the know-how to make a good use of Green Power becomes the popular topic. TAITRA pointed, by its former report, the alternative transport devices like personal electric cars/mini motors not only bring business opportunities to auto industry, but also uplift the chances for after-sale markets; the development of energy-saving and rechargeable battery combined with electrify-saving LED light stand for the environmental-friendly innovation today. By Frost & Sullivan reported in 2008, almost 18% growth rate shown to the public meant that the lithium batteries used for electric cars have raised the demands of the peripherals. Thus, engines in low fuel consumption combined with light car structure constructed of Titanium metal will drive the prosper way to future business.

Innovation Award Competition to Encourage the Exhibitors

To encourage the exhibitors who sincerely concern the environment protection tech, the TAITRA is to hold a grand Innovation Award Competition, aiming to honor the designs and products which can green our environment. The Award Ceremony will be held on the same duration, and any participant will have the chance to be given name and awarded if his/her product is corresponded with the theme. Besides, TAITRA will invite Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) as a leading example for the aforesaid participants, showing its conceptual designs for future cars. This is a highly-expected exhibition as the opening of 2009.

International communication and interaction for commerce and tech is also TAITRA's mission this time. The organizer puts much effort to invite some key-know speakers in auto field to make professional speeches for participants. Like key-know speaker for technical issue or marketing policy from Germany (e.g. from BMW) will take the chance to share their knowledge and experiences in the forum or symposium during The Show, promoting Green Innovation and Application by all means.

Today, greener future will bring the fortune; more and more people are getting good daily or industrial advantage from The Power. TAITRA in Taiwan, standing in the central position in Asia, plays an obligatory role for commercial and technical events, promoting its mission to the world. This time, by the grand Taipei AMPA, TAITRA will vitalize auto market with splendid achievement, ready to roll the global stage with all its strength.

Auto Parts, Automobiles, Auto Accessories, Auto Tronics, Cars, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Bikes, International Auto Parts & Accessories Show, Taipei AMPA, TAITRA, Taiwan External Trade Development Council

Starting its business affair in last spring, TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall now becomes the biggest show center in Taiwan with largest square and most stands for industrial events or trade shows. Upon the active promotion by TAITRA and the government, Nangang Metro Station began its mission in December, 2008. The convenient mass rapid transportation connected to commodious exhibition hall enhances many events; Taipei AMPA, 2009 is the coming example in certain.

Around 2,700 stands in Nangang Exhibition Hall will be offered by TAITRA in Taipei AMPA, 2009. For attracting more visitors and exhibitors to take part in The Show, TAITRA offers special discount hotels/airplane tickets to international visitors, chances are the person/company who corresponds with the same conditions mentioned on AMPA's website. You can see the further more information in the following.

General Info of Taipei AMPA

Items Information Items Information
Title The International Auto Parts & Accessories Show
(Taipei AMPA) and Auto Tronics Taipei, 2009
Transportation Information ●By MRT (Nangang Metro Station, Blue Line)
●By Bus (see the following route map)
●By Taxi (see the following route map)
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Date April 14~17, 2009 Website Taipei AMPA, 2009
Venue TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall Organizer TAITRA
Address No.1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei City 11568, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Contact Information Sinny Chang, Exhibition Dept. of TAITRA
+886-2-2725-5200 ext.2626
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