Spotlight on Molding Industry - Taoshi Mould and Its Outstanding Products Lead the Way to Market Overseas

China. Taoshi Group

“Observe the world in a small place, and maneuver overall situation during advancing and retreating.” said the chairman Tao Yong Hua.  For over 30 years, Taoshi Mould has kept the quality of their moulds to a high level and at the same time, adhere’s to the strict standard production procedure to win the reputation from customers around the world.  This year, with the chance of corporation with Land Rover again, they are going to introduce their qualified auto molds to the world proudly. The FAKUMA exhibition held in Germany will be another stage for Taoshi to show their skillful techniques on mould making and moulding.  This is an important event to the molding market in China, and Taoshi takes the lead, stepping into the world with a great reputation.