Tong Da Precision Ready to Release Patented NC Full Automatic Metal Tube-end Sealing Machine

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By Natasha Lin & Huien Chung 2007/12/03

Tube end sealing machineAlways standing for high quality machine for customers, Tong Da Precision announces its NC Full Automatic Metal Sealing Machine gains patent right in Taiwan and China this year, this machine offers safer and easy to operated function to customers.

A great achievement for Tong Da Precision this year, its upgraded NC Full Automatic Metal Sealing Machine received patent rights in Taiwan and China in October. This machine is going to be produced officially in 2008, which reflects Tong Da strong enthusiasm and commitment to providing high quality machine for customers. As seizing this occasion to develop global market, Tong Da also looks for more business cooperation with oversea agencies.

Since 1989, Tong Da Precision has gained high reputation in market with twenty years. It reaches annual capacity of fifty to sixty machines to support wide range manufacturers such as vehicle, furniture and medical equipments. Up to present, Tong Da has marketed in China, Germany, Denmark, Japan and Middle Eastern countries. In addition to meet more customers' demands, Tong Da formed OEM special pipe fittings and metalwork processing factory in 1993.

“Continuous innovation has been regarded as our competitive advantage. We also pay serious attention to understand our customers' need and improve our machine to the best, which makes us strong credibility with customers.” Tong Da Board Chairman Mr. Shen said.

Comparing to other metalwork machinery suppliers, Tong Da more focuses on machine invention and improvement, its efforts has paid off very well with Hydraulic Metal Tube End Sealing Machine launch. Receiving worldwide patent rights and passed CE certification in 2004, this machine is able to complete tube end sealing without welding and plastic cap covering. It also adapts various material of metal tubes manufacturing such as iron, aluminum, copper and stainless steel. In favor of high-volume production, its built-in three processing apparatus effectively reduces the time. With rapid mold shift device, Hydraulic Metal Tube End Sealing Machine also makes replacement of mold easier and quicker.

Moreover, no need for extra external cooling line installation, this machine has unique air-cooling system to ensure high stability in functioning. Tong Da offers two types of machines include TD-21025 Three process module flat top type and TD-21040 Three process module flat top type depends on customers' requirements.

Tong Da once again made its success in NC Full Automatic Metal Sealing Machine this year. This machine was developed from Hydraulic Metal Tube End Sealing Machine and highlighted with safer and more easy-to-use functions. Under advanced PLC program control, one operator is able to carry out from material feeding to partial or full sealing in very short time, in particular, automatic sensor and error indicator system assists to avoid the damage from manual operation. More features are automatic feeding, stable output, manpower-saving and high-speed, which make the machine more stand out in market.

Tong Da High Speed Air Round Tube Roll Cutter Machine is also regard as high-value product, it is great choice for various tube cutting such as stainless, steel, copper and aluminum pipes. According to non-skid rolling design of machine, the tube will be done in neat cutting shape, and no scrap and waste left.

In order to reduce total cost and enhance competitiveness for customers. Tong Da Precision also provides OEM metal pipe and tube forming service in use of hydraulic and punching machinery, various specification of molds are well supplied with an accuracy of ±0.05mm. Other machinery can be manufactured for special purposes.

As more business opportunities are coming, Tong Da believes a strong technological development capacity definitely leads to everlasting prosperity with customers.

Tong Da has had distributors in Europe to offer the best after sell services and purchase information. In the nearly future, it continues to looking for business partners worldwide and expends its factories to Tainan Science Park, Taiwan high-level technology industry park.

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