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By EDAS Lin 2008/07/08

Established in 1989, TECPEL Co., Ltd. has carried out the enterprise principle—faithfulness, quality, and speed—into its daily service. Due to the current shortening of production life and low-price competition, TECPEL earnestly provides flexible marketing policy to keep abreast of changeable market demands.

What if you're in need of testing internal temperature/humidity or external wind/sound velocity, what image will rise in your mind first? Just let TECPEL Co., Ltd. appear before your eyes, presenting you a leading brand with its high accuracy measuring instruments to fulfill each buyer's requirement.

Approved by UL, TUV, & CE Quality Control System, TECPEL with its good quality and categories of meters, always weeds through the old and brings forth the new products to impress its customers. Famous for its thoughtful service of customizing meters, TECPEL not only produces temperature & humidity meters, multimeters, thermometers & dataloggers, clamp meters, but any sorts of measuring instrument such as pH meters, sound level meters, function generators, calibrators, anemometers, electric testers, infrared thermometers etc.

Additionally, TECPEL believes in marketing orientation; its on-time delivery, 2-year warranty (out-of-production components excluded), and flat-rate services highly elevate its reputation among the rivals. Less competitors in this market ensure clients with promises like these above, however, TECPEL does give its word. Followed the MIL-STD-105E management system, TECPEL controls its production line in a stable condition, being able to accomplish every order in need on time. It's not only an exporting distributor. As a major enterprise in this field, TECPEL's target is to stand for Asian market, aiming to become worldwide leading brand.

Impressive Meters in TECPEL

As if you're in need for temperature-testing, even for both internal and external tests, TECPEL's Temperature Meter CL 327 is a perfect measuring instrument to precisely fit your need. This Meter has 11 types of thermocouples, which ranges from -200~1820ºC/-328~3308ºF (Min-Max derived from the 11 types) and can be applied to both internal & external temperature tests, and even to humidity test. Except to its functions, Temperature Meter CL 327, which is in suitable dimension: 88 x 168 x 26 mm, is convenient to be carried with you.

Furthermore, TECPEL is introducing another multimeter, Digital Multimeter RS-232 Interface for any professional use. With auto/manual range and audible continuity check, this Multimeter, designed for multi-function & digital interface, surpasses any other homogeneous products among the competitors, offering buyers versatile uses. Mostly used in diode test, it's designed for temperature measurement ranged from -50~1300ºC (-58~2372ºF), and range of DC Voltage is divided into four types including 400mV, 4V, 40V, 400V, 1000V ¡Ó 0.1% that can support various testing conditions while in further specialized experiments or exams.

For applying to certain environmental exams, TECPEL presents customers the pH Meter 703 to precisely test the Potenz H+ in any public facility such as swimming pools, aquariums, cooling towers, water and wastewater treatments, sanitation plants and laboratory applications. This pH Meter features in its high accuracy: ±0.02pH and suitable size with 90g in weight & 158 x 40 x 34mm in dimension. Neither government environmental examiners nor lab researchers can miss this useful measuring instrument while in necessary.

After mentioning about instruments for measuring temperature/humidity/wind velocity/pH degree, TECPEL positively promotes another hot product, sound level meter, to widen client's sight. The Sound Level Meter DSL-330 & 332, which are applied to test level & vibration of sounds within frequency range 31.5Hz~8kHz, bring customers both fast & slow dynamic characteristic models with level range from 30~130dB and with 4 Digit LCD display. Designed for reset function and low battery indication, the Sound Level Meter DSL-332 is also set for self-calibration, supporting users not only to exam but to correct the indication.

According to its enterprise code, TECPEL invests itself with much effort to broaden its marketing policy for discerning clients and attempts to far surpass others as a forerunner in this field. In the coming future, TECPEL will provide more innovative and multi-functional meters with more flexible order services, presenting its best production capability to international stage.

TECPEL was authorized by Uni-trend
(a top measuring instrument company in China),
being as a licensed agency,
to market multimeter & oscilloscope of Uni-trend toward Asian market.

Well-cooperated with its partner,
TECEPL had already stretched its arms toward more than 90 countries
and reached approximately greater than 1/3 market share,
still continuing to grasp the title of the top brand
measuring instrument in global markets.

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