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The evolution of modern textile development in Taiwan started almost six decades ago in the late 1950’s. Faced with growing economic pressures and a need for internal textile development the Taiwanese Textile Industry embarked on a long and fruitful journey starting with basic converting and products utilizing a vast network of global resources. Today the Taiwanese industry is a leader in this same global textile supply chain with products in all ranges of categories and end uses including natural fibers and synthetics.

Starting with petro chemical and natural raw materials ending up with garments and various other end use products for industrial and home applications, the spectrum of products available makes Taiwan unique among its global competition and supply chain. “Think Taiwan for Textiles” is the natural result of years of accumulated effort and expertise.


Fashion and function are key ingredients in the fast growing segment of performance apparel products. It is predicted that by 2015 the market for sportswear and fitness clothing will be over $125 billion US dollars. Garments with performance attributes are by far the fastest growing segment of the apparel industry. Yoga wear and sport apparel are part of our daily lives; they are no longer limited to the gym or field of play. Rugged comfortable outerwear that can go on a vigorous trek now hits the streets of major cities throughout the world.

  Value added certified development.

To start the new millennium in 2000, the Taiwanese textile industry implemented a broad based certification system the “Taiwan Functional Textiles Certification System”, providing a greater level of quality assurance in value added textile development and new product implementation. Taiwan is already a leader in new product development and innovation. These products include anti-bacterial , moisture control and wicking , breathability and micro porosity, ultra violet , UV and infrared technology, odor control , flame resistance and newly developed temperature control textiles. The Certification process helps insure its validity, quality standards and leadership, a position in smart textiles that have become part of our everyday life.

R&D efforts specifically targeted at synthetic textiles for functional niche markets has been an area of opportunity that the TTF has budgeted significant resources to help in the creation of fashionable , creative and innovative textiles. They represent a collection of value added products from industry to the consumer adding performance throughout the supply chain.


The Taiwanese industry, already a technological leader in smart phones, LED lighting, computer and battery technology is integrating these and other strengths into its Textile development and tomorrows breakthrough concepts. As noted by Justin Huang, Secretary General of the Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF) “The core competencies of Taiwan’s textile industry lie in its R&D, technology and innovation”. The TTF today includes hundreds of future looking industry leading textile companies that are forming a model for how Global Textile development should evolve.

  What’s next?

Facing the issues of global warming, a need for efficient raw material processing, clean energy limitations, pollution and other related concerns, the Taiwan Textile Industry has taken a leadership position in sustainable textile development.

Ranging from the most basic ideas of recycling and production efficiency the Taiwan Textile Industry takes the lead. An integrated textile company in Taiwan helps in the collection of plastic bottles to be converted into yarn and ultimately garments. This company, Da Ai, goes as far as processing the fabrics without the requirement of dyeing the fabric, available in white, green and mineral based shades of the color gray incorporated in the yarns creation.

Another company, Singtex, is recycling waste coffee grains in Taiwan that are carbonized and combined into filament yarns that creates unique odor control products. This development is trademarked as “S’Café®” and is available in fabric form from Singtex and as a yarn to multiple global suppliers. Many other new and exciting ideas along these lines are coming from Taiwan Textile labs all the time.

If the basic tenets “bluesign®” are important to you, as they should be, then Taiwan is the place to go for your textile needs. Taiwan is the leading place for “bluesign®” approved textile vendors and suppliers. “The bluesign® system unites the entire textile supply chain to jointly reduce its impact on people and the environment. The holistic approach of Input Stream Management provides a solution for chemical suppliers, textile and accessories manufacturers, as well as brands “.

The commitment to sustainable growth is a critical component of the Taiwan Textile industries path forward. “Sensible stewardship of our limited global resources is a core value in our development”.

  Meet us and get to know us.

The Taiwan Textile Industry has made it easier for you to get to know us every year. Starting with our informative “Think Taiwan for Textiles “web site and ranging to our world class industry leading trade show “TITAS” the “Taiwan Innovative Textile Application Show based in Taipei every year in October. You can even find us on Facebook or get our convenient “app” for all the latest TTF news and events at .

TITAS is a must show for any company that is involved in performance textiles of any kind. This leading edge show has the products needed for success in sport active apparel and rugged uniform or non-apparel industries.

Direct and indirect participation by the TTF and its members can be found at almost every significant Trade Show including ISPO, Friedrichshafen Outdoor, Intertextile in Shanghai and Beijing, Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City, Texworld in Paris and New York, Performance Days in Europe and Showtime in High Point, NC even at Premier Vision in Paris and various IFAI industrial shows. The TTF through the Taiwan Export Promotion Project (TEPP) has also organized specialized exhibitions, such as last September’s in the LA Fashion Market.

  Check out the Taiwan Export Promotion Project.

Five years ago a direct and focused International Consulting program was started in Taiwan. The Taiwan Export Promotion Project (TEPP), its goal to consult with and educate Taiwanese suppliers how best to merchandise their innovative products to the USA and Europe (now expanding into Latin America), visit new customers at their site and invite customers to meet them in Taiwan. Each year twelve to sixteen premium companies are selected from a long list of vetted Taiwanese firms. In these five years over twenty “Trade Missions” from Taiwan to the USA and Europe have been organized by the TEPP, bringing up to six vendors to the US and EU for a week of intensive customer visits, opening new doors and an exchange of valuable information.

Complimenting these Trade Missions has been an even more focused Executive Sourcing Program. In this program new customers in an array of businesses are individually invited to Taiwan to meet eight to twenty suppliers for a week of appointments focused on the customers’ requirements within the customer’s ideal time frame.

The feedback has been fantastic, as noted by Rick Schneider, Textile Consultant, “a great opportunity to meet new vendors and get new ideas in a relaxed, comprehensive and no obligation environment”. The list of customers utilizing these services ranges from Eddie Bauer, Spyder, Nordstrom, Fechheimer, Smartwool, The North Face, UnderArmour and many other brands, retailers and sourcing companies. If you think your company may be interested, let us know.

If you have a textile need, let the TTF know and we will do everything we can to help you fulfill it.