Wise Center Precision Appliance Production Expansion Plan Carry Out in Vietnam

Wise Center Precision Appliance Co., Ltd.


By Natasha Lin & Huien Chung 2008/05/07

garden tool, garden toolsWise Center Precision Appliance makes a significant step toward setting up new production line in Vietnam, it also strengthens its R&D ability and integrated services to fulfill customers' need.

As a Taiwan high-recommended ODM garden tools manufacturer, Wise Center Precision Appliance Co., Ltd. announces investment plan for production expansion in Vietnam. This significant progress shows strong determination of Wise Center to enhance its high efficiency working process, great quality products and considerate service for customers.

With over 17 years experiences, Wise Center has been a well recognized brand in Taiwan, its products including Loppers, Hedge Shears, Pruning Shears, Grass Shears, Pruning Saw, Shovels, Striking Tools and Ladders. At its ground breaking ceremony for factory in Taichung in 2003, Wise Center received special commendation "An excellent example of SMEs" from Vice President of R.O.C Annette Lu. It also won National Small and Medium Scale Enterprise Innovation Research Award and National Business Contribution Award issued by Export Processing Zone Administration, MOEA, R.O.C (Taiwan).

Reaching annual sales of over US$15 million dollars, Wise Center has exported to worldwide such as United States, Canada, EU and Asia. In particular, working with Corona Clipper, Inc., a famous international supplier for wide range of gardening tools, pruners and clippers. Corona has most integrated marketing channels and sales networks in North America and Europe, especially, many large-scale chain stores including LOWE'S, HOMEDEPOT and SEARS are cooperative partners. More well-know customers of Wise Center are WOLF Garden Tool, SPEAR&JACKSON (S&J), ALDI. Wise Center has also worked with small-scale companies for professional farm and gardening tools production, all long-standing business relationships show its great consistency and reliability in high-volume production.

Achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification and GS/TUV approvals for years, Wise Center keep serious attitude toward factory management and producing process, it owns factories both in Taiwan and China. They are well equipped with automatic press machines,heat treatment machine, Powder painting & Non-stick coating machines, CNC processing machines and Grinding machines.

Adjoining Taichung harbor and airport, Wise Center's main factory in Taiwan takes a good advantage of its ideal location which brings convenience in transportation and delivery, it definitely reduces the time and cost for customers.

Wise Center considers high-quality material play a key element of excellent products, it insists on all carbon steel are well offered by China Steel Company, the largest steel manufacturer of Taiwan. Its high carbon steel and carbon steel alloy materials are imported from Japan and Germany.

Due to serious quality assurance, Wise Center conducts a mature quality control system from IQC, In-Process Quality Control (IPQC), to QA.

Wise Center puts great efforts into product development and know-how creation, it allocates 10% of annual income to enhance R&D capability. The R&D department implements from formulation, sample making, in-house performance testing, stability testing, to finished products manufacturing.

In addition to a partnership of R&D alliances with China Steel Company, Wise Center has been supported to develop high carbon alloy material and dedicated to high-value added tools invention with advanced technology. Up to present, Wise Center has successfully introduced over 70 products with international patent rights, most products have ergonomic designs, easy-to-operated functions and lightweight structures, such as, New Anvil Lopper With Forged Aluminum Handles, New Leverage Lopper With Telescoping Handles, New Hedge Hedge Shear With Telescoping Handles, PAT. Roller Bypass Lopper With Telescoping Handles, Gear-Chain Transmission Hook Anvil Lopper.

Wise Center's advancement is attributed to its active attitude toward customers. It keeps visiting customers worldwide every year to understand market orientation, customers' needs, and seek cooperation opportunities in international trade events including National Hardware Show in Les Vegas, International Hardware Fair in Cologne, Germany.

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"We adhere to commitment to customers services.

When customers confront serious problems of damage or malfunction,

and difficulty in using our products,

we form a emergency respond team in time to offer well though out solution in a short period of time.

Some cases can be solved after 1-2 weeks."

Mr. Thomas Lin, CEO of Wise Center Precision Application, said.

Our HOT Products

Wise Center provides all sort of gardening tools-New Light Duty Forged Aluminum Handles Series, PAT. Bottom Twist Telescopic Handles Series, New Push Bottom Telecopic Handles Series, Loppers, Pruning Saw, Pruning Shears, Shovels. Please visit http://www.allproducts.com/garden/wise and contact for more information.

New Anvil Lopper With Forged Aluminum Handles
Anvil Lopper
With Forged
Aluminum Handles
New Leverage Lopper With Telescoping Handles
Leverage Lopper
With Telescoping
New Hedge Hedge Shear With Telescoping Handles
Hedge Hedge
Shear With
Telescoping Handles
New Wavy Hedge Shear With Forged Aluminum Handles
Wavy Hedge
Shear With Forged
Aluminum Handles
PAT. Roller Bypass Lopper With Telescoping Handles
PAT. Roller
Bypass Lopper
With Telescoping