Yesjob Presenting Latest Machine at 2008 FOODTECH Taipei

Yesjob Industrial Co., Ltd.


By Natasha Lin 2008/05/28

Yesjob, experiences Taiwan-based Food Machinery will be at the 2008 FOODTECH TAIPEI with its own booth (Booth No. 121314/ Nangan Exhibition Hall) to promote the latest Packing Machine (YJ101) and Filling Machine(YJ2001).

Established in 1986, the Taiwan-base Yesjob Industrial Co., Ltd. has long been known as a manufacturer of food packing machines and filling machines under its own bran "Yesjob". The company's long record of success is built on a commitment to opening new international markets and developing new channels. Since 1993, Yesjob has expand itself to food making industry and was awarded Gold Medal Global Recipes.

Every year since it was founded, the company frequently takes part in international trade shows. This year Yesjob will announce its latest Small Vertical Packaging Machines and Helical Filling Machines at the Taipei International Food Machinery & Technology Show. The 2008 FOODTECH Taipei will be held at the brand new TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall from June 18 to 21, and Yesjob will present at Booth No. 121314.

The YJ101 small vertical packaging machine is designed for powder and granule. In order to achieve differentiation from its competitors, this new model is ideal for user friendly and based on human machine interface (HMI). This new model is adopted cam type side seal for avoiding from material damage, reaching stable sealing and improving quality and speed. Its length control and PLC controller use high quality Japanese Mitsubishi system. The YJ101, with its modular structure of stainless steel allows easy cleaning and maintenance.

Yesjob will also present its helical filling machine (YJ2001), which is ideal for high viscosity and fluidity powder. This semi-auto auger filling machine is available for dosing from 100g to 2kg.

According to government report, the Taiwan packaging machinery manufacturing industry has rebounded while exports of such items have steadily increased on year. Growth is expected to continue as more locals makers in the line expand their market reach abroad.

"We believe that there will always be a strong market for packaging and filling machinery as long as manufacturers focus on meeting customers' needs," Yah continued. "We are manufacturer and user at the same time since Yesjob expanded our channel to food making industry. So that we can do the best to satisfied customers' needs."

In fact, according to Yesjob Minister, Sanchuan Yah, the small vertical packaging machine was the first such machine adopt cam seal and rights under protected by patent and trade mark. "Yesjob has very few competitors because the only thing our R&D consider about is to meet customers' need," said Yah. Yesjob is ensure durable life for its packing machines and filling machines to reduce repairing and increase customers' trust.

Yesjob's three main production lines, which are for manufacturing machinery and food processing work under International standards ISO 9001:2000 norms and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HCCP).

The company will target the Middle East and South East Asia markets this year, after having successfully market share in Taiwan. At the mean time, Yesjob will continue to develop new models in order to give the company extra competitiveness against its rivals in mainland China and South East Asia.

For more information please browse it website: | or visit its Booth (# 121314).

Since 1993, Yesjob has expand itself to Food Making Industry

Awarded Gold Medal Global Recipes 2004 and 2005.

OEM Food as below:

  • Taiwan seasoning sauce
  • Milk powder can
  • Taiwan delicacy food
  • Express noodle & rice noodle
  • Instant Taiwan coffee
  • Healthy fiactors food
  • 3 in 1 mix powder, mix cereal powder