Yuanyu Rubber Is Proud To Take The Leading Role In Harvesting The Air Intake Hoses Products

Yuanyu Rubber Enterprise Co. Ltd.


By Elsa Liu 2008/10/24
Edited By Mei Mei Lin

By innovate equipments such as rubber injection molding machine and silicon rubber injection molding machine, Yuanyu Rubber assists customers through the whole manufacturing process from material selection, designing suggestion, molds development, and production.

Yuanyu manufactures various kinds of automotive and machine custom molded rubber products including dust boot, air intake hose, Rubber to Metal Bonding, Rubber Dust Boots, diaphragms, Custom Molded Rubber Parts, flexible duct hose, rubber bushes, rubber buffers, shock absorber rubber parts, Nitrogen chambers of shock absorber, and custom molded rubber products etc.

Especially in Rubber to metal bonding product line, Yuanyu manufactures the following product types such as rubber bush, shock absorber rubber parts, fuel tank lid, carburettor manifold with rubber bonding, wheel, reed valve with FKM bonding, and other custom rubber to metal bonding products.

For Rubber to metal bonding market status, Yuanyu dominates a major market at the present mostly in Taiwan, North America, East Asia, and Europe. Our manufacturing advantage lies in the key points of stable quality of adhesives strength. The material for general use contains the following objects including NR, NBR, NBR+PVC, CR, EPDM, Silicone, ACM, FKM, Solvent-Based Primers with RoHS compliant.

Dedication to quality

In Rubber dust boot product line, its usage includes an important component in the automobile, motorcycles, scooters, quad bikes(dune buggy), and other engineering industries. Rubber dust boots protect shock absorber against dirt and moisture. They are also involved in protecting the wheel cylinders.

For Rubber dust boot manufacturing advantage, it can be applied as unique or difficult mold releasing forms. The major markets it serves at the present includes Yamaha motor Taiwan, Suzuki motor Taiwan, KYB Taiwan, KAIFA industry Co. Ltd., SYM motor Co. Ltd., KYM CO motor Co. Ltd etc. The material for general use includes NBR+PVC, CR, EPDM, which is the excellent ozone resistance materials.

For the Air intake hose and Flexible duct hose product line, its usage can be utilized in the linking part of air cleaner system for Automobiles, motorcycles, scooters, quad bikes, which can reduce noise level and vibration. Its manufacturing advantage exists in the function it can be applied as unique or difficult mold releasing forms. By well using the material as following for general use including NBR+PVC, CR, EPDM, HNBR, ECO, which is the excellent ozone resistance materials.

Yuanyu currently recieves the major market mainly for companies such as Yuanyu motor Taiwan, Suzuki motor Taiwan, SYM motor Co. Ltd., Mitsubishi motor Taiwan, Nissan motor Taiwan, and Chrysler corporation etc. In serving customers' individual requirement, Yuanyu owns an experienced engineering team that develops an air intake hose to meet the exacting specifications of most air intake system.

Certificated with global standard

Since 1981 when established in Taiwan, Yuanyu set off by manufacturing motor and machine rubber molding parts in the initial stage. Now Yuanyu has gained its customers’ trust and an fine reputation with its fine quality, reasonable price, and considerate service. Most importantly, Yuanyu provides a full product line that best serves customers with support and affirmation it needs.

As electronics industry develops rapidly, Yuanyu also has increased manufacturing Electronic related rubber porduct item. Now Yuanyu’s products have been sold well in domestic and oversea market with high reputation. By consistent innovation in R&D, Yuanyu assuredly best serves your needs with trust and reliance.

1. Rubber Properties

● The working temperature range is considered to be -50°C/ -70°C to +120°C.
● Long fatigue life, first choice for spring applications.
● Has high strength without the need for reinforcing fillers.

2. Rubber Usage

● Most widely used elastomer in the seal industry today.
● Blended with NBR to provide increased resistance to ozone and abrasion.
● A host of dynamic and static seals, hoses, and belts.