Acromet ( Aust. ) Pty. Ltd.
Precise metering begins precise design: choosing the right metering pump may seem like a straight forward decision, but in industry today there are often pumps that are either under-specified, so the job is not being performed efficiently, inadequate for the duty or over-specified, the pump doesn't perform well and represents an over-investment in equipment. Plus there are cheap pumps available that represent false economy when you start adding up the repair bills, unreliability and downtime. You need to be looking for quality at the right price, but also make sure you are specifying the right pump for the job. For more than 30 years there has been one name synonymous with quality, accuracy, and reliability in metering pumps, and that is Acromet. We supply the right pump for the right application to a remarkable range of industries. Proudly manufactured in Australia, every piece for Acromet equipment is the product of leading edge technology in design and manufacture. Our commitment to our own in-house R & D, our patented designs, plus our precision manufacturing, has built the Acromet reputation for laboratory accuracy and industrial reliability. From the very first stages of design and specification, right through to the delivery of each finished product, and our after sales service, Acromet quality is never compromised. Heavy duty credentials: you'll find the Acromet name working in some of the toughest industrial applications. From water treatment to oil refineries to petro-chemical installations wherever an environment demands outstanding performance and equipment durability. The Acromet reliability record is recognized by industry leaders in Australia and overseas. Our client list includes many of the biggest names in their respective fields, including Shell, BP, Mobil, APM, CUB, BHP, Australian Newsprint Mills, Murray Goulbourn, Melbourne Water, Meadow Lea, Cadbury Schweppes, Kemcor, Unichema, Nestle, Ford Motor Company, GMH, Alcoa, ICI, and CSR. At Acromet, we are committed to total quality management in accordance with ISO9002. We stand behind the quality of our products too with excellent warranties. For example the 3000, 2500, and 2000 series, metering pumps all carry a 5 year limited warranty. To ensure we maintain our reputation of always delivering quality, every Acromet unit is performance tested before it leaves the factory. And to ensure they keep performing accurately, we offer technical back-up and service that is second-to-none. A customer focus: Acromet is a customer-oriented organization. We meet deadlines. Our specifications are always accurate. We communicate closely with our customers to solve their problems and delivers the right solutions. With Acromet your can be sure you are getting...not just the right pump, but the right advice too. Ask any Acromet'll find that we really do deliver. Acromet's headquarters are based in Victoria Australia they are also internationally represented by a network of experienced distributors. Our Australian-built quality story is being recognized in many markets from Asia, to the U.S. to Europe. Just look for the 'Authorized distributor' sign, it is your symbol of reassurance the you'll be getting Acromet quality.