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Conferencing for everyone: There are few products ever released which will have a genuine impact on the way many organizations do business. The Labtam Collaborator 9000 series is one. For the first time full multipoint conferencing, using the standard telephone network and any IP network is available at a price point which is within easy reach of small and large organizations alike. Your organization can use its current infrastructure to deliver all the benefits of full voice, video and data conferencing. And the news gets even better, as Labtam Collaborator uses Microsoft's NetMeeting as a conferencing tool which is provided free of charge. Completely scalable, fully featured, and easy to use, Labtam Collaborator 9000 is the multipoint conferencing tool for everyone. What is IP conferencing? The term IP conferencing is used to refer to standards based communication over IP networks. Multipoint IP conferencing occurs where more than two people are involved in an online meeting or conference and may incorporate voice, video and data communication. The days when video conferencing required expensive and dedicated hardware, software and communications infrastructure and was reserved for corporate boardrooms are gone. IP conferencing can utilize existing computer equipment and network infrastructure and enables everyone involved to: teleconference; data conference; video conference and multimedia conference, without leaving their desk. Companies such as Microsoft have eliminated barriers to access to this form of communication by providing standards based PC conferencing tools such as MS NetMeeting free of charge. Leading the world in Multipoint IP conferencing: Labtam's powerful range of server software products is built around standards based desktop conferencing tools. These include the Labtam Collaborator 9000: model 100 data conference server; model 200 audio, video and data conference server; model 250 video and data conference server with fully integrated PABX telephony and conference functionality (available Q1 98) and; model 300 Internet telephony server (available Q1 98). Labtam has achieved conference server functionality and performance at price points never previously available. In addition to video and data, the multipoint audio capabilities delivered as part of Labtam's software-only conference server solution are a world first. The inherent flexibility of Labtam's conference server technology allows a person to join a conference using anything from a 28.8 kbps modem through to a high performance LAN/WAN link. Naturally, increases in available bandwidth are matched by increases in performance and video quality. Everyone can get results: Multipoint IP conferencing using Labtam Collaborator 9000 conference servers has been clearly shown to: improve staff productivity; improve staff communications; improve customer relations; reduce communications costs; reduce expenditure on travel and; accelerate decision making. And with Labtam Collaborator 9000 your organization has a future proof standards compliant investment in better communication with a high rate of return. So easy, everyone can do it: All you need is a compatible computer for effective and efficient communication. The consistent but customizable Web Browser interface to Labtam Collaborator 9000 conference management has made the administrative side of IP conferencing readily accessible to both professional and support staff. How organizations are using it: Labtam Collaborator 9000 is being used to provide multipoint IP conferencing capabilities for: day to day communication; meetings; management reviews; seminars; presentations; briefing sessions; collaborative projects; professional networking; corporate training; distance learning; customer support; accessing remote experts and service delivery. Conference server products: The Labtam Collaborator 9000 models 100, 200 and 250 include web server software to enable secure but simple administration and conference control from any Web Browser. The HTML nature of the conference administration interface makes it totally customizable. Labtam Collaborator 9000 provides organizations of all sizes with the opportunity to utilize their existing infrastructure and achieve a high rate of return on that investment. To join a conference, a participant only requires a standards based desktop conferencing application such as MS NetMeeting, access to a conference server, a conference name and password and where appropriate the My-T-Meeting client conference control application. The model 250 is software-based and operates in accordance with the ITU H.323 and T.120 standards. The model 250 delivers the integration of data and video conferencing functionality with the customer's own PABX to provide high quality full duplex audio. The setup and control of both the PC conferencing (data and video) and the PABX functionality is achieved via the CTI interface and through a very simple to access and operate Web Browser interface.
  • Conference server hardware requirements:
    • The recommended minimum hardware configuration for the conference server is a Pentium 166 with 32 Mb RAM running either: Windows NT (Version 4.0), Sun Solaris 2.5 Server x86 Edition or Sun Solaris 2.5 Server Sparc Edition
  • Conference server bandwidth requirements: Any connection between the conference server and the Internet should have sufficient bandwidth to cater for the requirements of each client (28.8kbps and above) connected to the server via the Internet during the busiest hour
  • Conference client requirements:
    • The recommended minimum hardware configuration for a client conferencing PC is a Pentium 133 with 16 Mb RAM running either: Windows 95 or Windows NT
    • This PC should be loaded with MS NetMeeting or an alternate standards based client conferencing application. If required, a Video for Windows compliant camera will provide a satisfactory video source. Depending on the conference, the user may also require the My-T-Meeting, client conference control application
  • Conference server capacity:
    • The capacity of the conference server is dependent on: The maximum bandwidth of each connection, the size and resolution of transmitted and received video, audio algorithm used and the type and content of any data sharing application
    • A Pentium 166 server with 32 Mb RAM using MS NetMeeting with: 64kbps bandwidth, SQCIF 24 bit color resolution, G.723 audio algorithm and Minimum data sharing-Excel spreadsheet
    • Would normally be able to cater for at least 40 participants in any number of conferences
  • Standards compliance:
    • Conferencing standards used: ITU T.120 for data conferencing and ITU H.323 for audio and video conferencing
  • IP network options:
    • Conference server connections may be made utilizing: LAN, Intranet (WAN) and/or Internet
  • Security of operation and access:
    • Labtam Collaborator 9000 provides a four tiered operational access structure. Each user category clearly identifies the role played by that party and appropriate passwords are required at each of the levels: System administrator, Conference manager, Meeting moderator and Conference participant
  • Client conference control software:
    • Conference scenarios span the range: One to one, One to many, Many to one and Many to many
    • Using Labtam's My-T-Meeting client conference control application everyone is able to identify the individuals present, their current status, the current speaker, those who wish to contribute to the discussion and the results of any ballots. In a moderated meeting the My-T-Meeting application is the moderator's source of conference control
  • Licensing: Software licensing is based on the number of concurrent ports required for conferencing. Initial 4 and 8 port licenses are available and for larger installations availability is in multiples of 8. Licensing for corporate configurations where conference servers are to be located at multiple sites is also available
  • Support and maintenance: Labtam has a strong commitment to product support. A support and maintenance agreement is available and provides free upgrades for minor software releases.

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