Air Line Service Unit, Valve, Jig Cylinder

Product ID: F. R. L, SV, JD etc...

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F. R. L. Solenoid valve, jig cylinder stainless cylinder, standard cylinder modular cylinder, mini chuck shock absorber, fitting.
AC-150 SV8202-24VDC JD40x20 TD10x20
AC-200 SV310-24VDC DA12x50 TD20x20
BC-200 SV9204-24VDC DA16x50 STU20x20
BC-300 PV-6101 DN32x50 STU32x20
CC-400 JD12x50 DN40x50 HDS16
CC-600 JD16x20 DN63x50 HDS20
SV5101-24VDC JD20x20 DN80x50 SAC1008
SV6101-24VDC JD32x20 DN100x50 SAV2525
.Available Materials: Stainless steel, aluminum alloy
  • Various size, type, patterns available.
  • ISO-9002 certificate.
  • Strict quality control.
  • High quality.

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air line service units, air control valves, actuators, pneumatic fittings and assembly-pick and place robots...etc.