Metal Vertical Milling Machine

Product ID: CH-10M

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This machine can use for school teaching, inspect, part's reparation, test, part's modification, and self study. This machine is small, no need too many space, spindle speed: 300 - 2900rpm precision, easy operate, very useful for parts modified.
Longitudinal(X) Axis 9"(228mm)
Cross(Y) Axis 4"(100mm)
Vertical(Z) Axis 10"(250mm)
Max. output 500W
Spindle Speed 300 - 2800R.P.M
T Slot 3/8"(10mm)
Spindle Nose To Table 12"(300mm)
Drilling Capacity 1/2"(13mm)MAX.
End Milling Capacity 1/2"(13mm)MAX.
Face Milling Capacity 1"(25mm)MAX.
Machine Weight G.W.:34kgs N.W.:32kgs
Shipping Dimension 540m/m

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Metal cutting table lathe, metal vertical milling machine, compound type of table lathe/mini milling machine.