Surface Grinder

Product ID: ESG-1632ASD

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Model Table size
ESG-618 Series 152
ESG-818 Series 203
ESG-1020 Series 254
ESG-1228 Series 305
ESG-1236 Series 305
ESG-1632 Series 406
ESG-1640 Series 406
  • Provide plunge & surface grinding modes.
  • Vertical feed powered by double motors: stepping motor for auto - downfeed (min increment: 0.001mm(0.00005")); AC motor for rapid & slow up / down.
  • Maximum cycle downfeed: 9mm(0.45"), can extend to whole accessory: digital readout set with feed back function) to meet special requirement.
  • Digital readout set with feedback function) to meet special requirements.
  • 2 - step grinding procedure control: rough grinding 0.001 - 0.004mm(0.00005" ~ 0.002"); finish grinding 0.001 - 0.009mm(0.00005" - 0.00045").
  • PRE - SET spark out: 1 - 9times.
  • Automatically table movement stops and wheel head rises up from surface of workpiece, after cycle grinding completed.
  • Column:
    • enlarged, honeycomb-ribbed column, especially suitable for heavy duty grinding.
  • Construction:
    • construction of table, saddle and base is casted with high grade casting iron, strongly ribbed.
  • Spindle:
    • enlarged spindle set is supported by 4 pieces of preloaded precision angular contact ball bearings for heavy duty.
  • Sideways:
    • Vertical, cross(double vees)and longitudinal (one vee & one flat) sideways are coated with Turcite - B, provides stable movement and durable accuracy.
  • Automatic continuous lubrication system:
    • All sideways and screws are fully oiled by automatic continuous lubrication system to eliminate wears on sideways & screws.
  • Cross feed:
    • Ball screw for cross travel, powered by AC motor.
  • Hydraulic table:
    • Table speed ranges 5 - 25m/min with rack and pinion table drive for hand operation.
  • Table speed control:
    • Presentable hydraulic table speed control allows operator to pre - set speed rate, enable to get same speed rate when engaging hydraulic table every time.
  • Hand wheels:
    • Zero - setting slip - with venire on vertical handwheel, and venire on crossfeed handwheel.

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