NC Micro Internal Grinding Machine

Product ID: JAG-01 Series

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The Jag - 01 series internal grinding machine is to grind small workpiece such as : guide bushes, industrial needle, collects, household needle, ceramic oil nozzle inner hole, ceramic guide bush, other similar micro internal grinding.
Item JAG - 01AA JAG - 01A JAG - 01SP
Clamping diameter 1.5dia ~ 25mm 1.5dia ~ 25mm 1.5dia ~ 25mm
Working range 1 - 20mm 1 - 20mm 1 - 20 mm
Max. clamped unit length 120mm 120mm 120mm
Max. travel(X.Y) 70;40mm 70;40mm 70;40mm
Cross feeding graduation 0.0025mm 0.0025mm 0.0025mm
Swivel angle +/-5(Celsius) +/-5(Celsius) +/-5(Celsius)
Feeding method Full automatic Semi - automatic manual
  • Spindle speed is from 0 ~ 55,000rpm
  • Fix the workpiece by roller
  • Precision is within 5u
  • Material of roller: SKD11, hardness: HRC 60(Ceksius)
  • Rollers & Spindle are balance adjustment.

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