Organic Tin Composite Stabilizers

Product ID: LN-XYZ

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  • Component:
    • LN-12, LN-1000: Ca-Zn-Sn
    • LN-61: Ca-Zn-Sn
    • LN-51: Ca-Zn-Sn
    • LN-41: Ca-Zn-Sn
  • Non-toxic composite stabilizers.
  • For blinds and beam processing.
  • For construction material, window profile, rigid pipe extrusion and injection, (ex. Wallboard, stripe processing).
  • For soft pipe, transparent electrical wire, film, and sheet).
  • For flooring products (ex. PVC canvas and tile, flexible and semi-rigid sheet extrusion).
  • Non-toxic
  • Excellent transparency, heat stability, weather-ability
  • Excellent lubricity, gelling, extrusion voluminous and homogeneous
  • Initial color is very little

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