GTS series Keyphone & PBX Hybrid System (Models: GTS-300, GTS-600, GTS-900, GTS-1200)

Product ID: GTS series Keyphone & PBX Hybrid System

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  • C/O lines: 3 to 12 maximum
  • Extensions: 8 to 32 maximum
  • Real hybrid for wireless telephones, GNT key phones and single phones, No hardware change and no re-consgure the system.
  • Connected to:
    • 900 MHz long range wireless PBX system
    • GNT keyphone
    • Normal single line telephone
    • FAX
    • Modern
    • Door phone
    • Paging amplifier
    • External hold music
    • Secret phone recorcier
    • Battery (Build-in U.P.S. Feature)
    • SMDR
    • Voice mail system
  • Romote programmable system configuration
  • Add-on voice DISA
  • Day/Night modes
  • 100 sets common memory numbers
  • Trunk group, Trunk queuing, Trunk access level assignment, Incoming ring assignment, Music on hold, Specified CO/PBX line seizure, Direct dialing, Auto CO/PBX line hunt, last number rodial
  • Intercom group, Voice/Ringing intercom call, Intercom one touch dialing, Intercom hot line queuing, Intercom "Do Not Disturb", Follow me, Intercom pick-up, Intercom corference, Intercom hold transfer
  • Hold, Hold recall, Exclusive hold, Call parking
  • Conference
  • Supervisor password

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