DECT Phone

Product ID: MTWP-2008B

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  • Phone Book with Name Search Function.
  • 25 Caller ID Records can be stored to the Phone Book Memory.
  • 50-Memory in Phone Book with Name & Numbers.
  • Redial function for the last dialed numbers.
  • Speakerphone / Hands-free / Headset mode.
  • Conference Call Function.
  • Intercom Function.
  • Making a call from the Phone Book / CID lists or for the babysit.
  • Handset battery charge indicator LED.
  • Handset On/Off hook indicator LED.
  • 5 different handset volume.
  • LCR (Least Cost Router) On/Off.
  • Extend extra 5 Handsets.
  • Auto Select Base (1-4).
  • Low Battery & Out of range.
  • 5 Different Internal Ring Melodies / Volumes on Handset.
  • 5 Different External Ring Melodies / Volumes on Handset.
  • 5 Different Ring Melodies / Volumes on Base.
  • Change Master Code.
  • Call Barring Function.
  • Set Baby-Sit Function.
  • Keypad Lock.
  • Direct Call Function.
  • Call Waiting Function On/Off (option).
  • Setting the Handset Name: To personalized your individual handset name.
  • Handset Function: Name Setting, Clock Setting, Alarm Time Setting, Tones Setting (Key, Confirm, Low Battery, Range).
  • LCD with Back-light.

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