Advanced Digital Video Recording Card ( PC Add - On Card )

Product ID: TEC-990

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TEC-990 is designed for the use of long time video recording with personal computer. To instead of regular video recording system.
  • Long digital video recording time up to 10-15 days based on 3.2 GB HDD
  • Remote monitor and image recording
  • Extended up to 4 cameras for 4 areas' monitor
  • Operating on windows 95/98 via application software
  • Supporting pal / NTSC system
  • Extremely easy to install and use
  • Reflashing 3-8 frames per/second based on 586(233MHz) computer
  • Graphic quality support 320 x 240 true color
  • Programmable timetable presets for recording schedule
  • Auto event trigger control for saving
  • Supporting composite video input
  • Adjustable image quality
  • Device requirement:
    • 586(166mhz) computer with PCI local bus supporting
    • Windows 95/98 operating system
    • 3.2GB HDD is needed
    • S3 serials VGA card
    • RAM size 16 MB
    • Color or B/W CCD camera modules video camera (composite video signal output)
    • At least 33.6K modem is needed for remote control access
  • Use for: general building or home security, observe stock, banking monitor, production line monitor, store cleanliness, monitor indoor or out door...etc

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