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This dynamic new product is external device that attaches to any existing fax machine or multi-function device (MFD). It enables the transmission of fax messages to the Internet to any e-mail address or Internet fax machine via a LAN connection. It also allows retrieval of email from the Internet, with the ability to print and view the messages directly from your fax machine. The Legacy 3000 is a small external box that plugs into the local LAN, and shares a phone line with the fax or MFD (the fax or MFD plugs into Legacy, and the Legacy optionally plugs into the phone jack.) The Legacy comes equipped with an LCD display panel and a small keypad that enables your customer to build an address book of e-mail address. By simply pressing the desired record number in the e-mail address book and then pressing "start", Internet faxing begins. The number 1, for example, will transmit the fax to the first e-mail address record listed on the Legacy's LCD 3000 will look for messages in your e-mail account on a regular basis. If any messages are found, the legacy 3000 downloads all text and graphic messages and prints each one. You will immediately see a dramatic reduction in telephone toll charges as you transmit fax pages using the Internet as opposed to the publicly switched telephone network (PSTN). Through traditional electronic mail systems, consumers are sometimes confused by the complexity of scanning and attaching files. But with the Legacy 3000, you will be able to send fax pages quickly and easily without the headache. What's more, the Legacy 3000 is compatible with all-popular Internet browsers and WIN95 viewers; so there's no need to buy additional software programs. An even greater cost savings!
  • Modem protocols and speeds, a full suite for Internet and e-mail protocols is included in each Internet Magic product:
    • TCP/IP, MIME, POP3, SMTP, DNS, IETF/ITU Internet fax standards
    • V.22 1200bps through V.34bis 33600bps
    • V.42bis data compression
    • V.42 error checking
  • Image data format: image data is sent as an IETF standard e-mail attachment in a TIFF-F format
    • Memory: 12 megabytes minimum expandable to 32 megabytes
    • LAN (option): IEEE802.3 Ethernet 10Base-T
    • Fax: T.30 T.4 T.6 group III Fax Protocol
    • Connectors fax machine RJ-11/CA11A, wall jack RJ-11/CA11A, LAN RJ-45 (Legacy 3000)
    • Ringer equivalence number (REN) 0.8B
    • Physical: height 4.5" width 7.3" depth 9.1" weight 2.5lbs
    • Voltage unit: 12VAC, 1.0A, 50/60Hz
  • Wall adapter available for most countries and line voltages
  • QWERTY keyboard for easy programming.
  • 4 line LCD for address directory and commands.
  • Automatic in-box query, download, point.
  • Delete e-mail after download.
  • Automatic address directory update.
  • Email grouping for broadcasting.
  • Message batching.
  • E-mail and fax number address directory.
  • Encryption ringer to "call" fax machine.
  • Retrieve and print text e-mail.
  • Send fax via PSTN if e-mail fails.
  • Compatible with all fax and multifunction devices.
  • Printed error reports.
  • Converts fax machine to a scanner.

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